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Google Pixel 7, 8GB RAM+128GB - Green

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von Google
SKU 69500
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Ursprünglicher Preis $835.99 USD
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Ursprünglicher Preis $835.99 USD
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Aktueller Preis $780.99 USD


  • Google Tensor G2 makes Pixel 7 faster, more efficient, and more secure than previous Pixel phones.
  • It delivers even more helpful features and the best photo and video quality yet on a Pixel.
  • It's easy to see what's on your Pixel screen. It adjusts to high brightness in the sunshine and automatically dims in the dark.
  • The Pixel 7 display is super sharp, with rich vivid colors. And it's fast and responsive for smooth gaming, scrolling, and moving between apps.
  • Compared to the Pixel 6. Speed and efficiency claim based on internal testing on pre-production devices.
  • Based on the use of Smooth Display (not available for all apps or content).

Color: Green