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Nikon Nikkor Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S - Black

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von Nikon
SKU 67000
Ursprünglicher Preis $4,779.60 USD - Ursprünglicher Preis $4,779.60 USD
Ursprünglicher Preis
$4,779.60 USD
$4,779.60 USD - $4,779.60 USD
Aktueller Preis $4,779.60 USD


  • Vibration Reduction: Achieves up to up to 6.0 stops of compensation, when used with the Z 9, Synchro VR combines the in-lens and in-camera VR image stabilization systems for maximum results. All other Z series cameras achieve VR up to 5.5 stops. (Based on CIPA Standard; in NORMAL mode; this value is achieved when attached to a mirrorless camera equipped with a 35mm film size image sensor.)
  • Autofocus: Autofocus is powered by Nikon's STM stepping motor, a highly efficient type of motor that moves in precise intervals at remarkable speed and in near silence, ideal for video and capturing skittish wildlife.
  • Extend the reach. Compatible with the Z series Teleconverter TC-1.4x and Teleconverter TC-2.0x for added reach.
  • Bokeh. The optical design of the Nikkor Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S is optimized for a smooth bokeh effect that enhances the natural compression of 400mm.