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Sony Single focus lens E 35mm F1.8 OSS SEL35F18 - Black

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von Sony
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  • The Sony 35mm 1.8 (SEL-35F18) has High performance and a compact design.
  • The Sony 35mm F/1.8 is commonly used for every day, Portraits, Travel, and more.
  • The Sony 35mm F/1.8: Easy to use, Lightweight, and Reliable.
  • Sony E-mount
  • An ideal second lens, the SEL35F18 prime lens can handle anything from evening shots (thanks to the bright maximum aperture) to beautifully defocused portraits.
  • Coupled with α E-mount cameras from Sony, APS-C E-mount lenses deliver big camera performance.
  • Built-in Optical SteadyShot image stabilization within the lens provides smooth, blur-free photos and videos when shooting handheld.
  • Instead of a standard polygon-shaped lens aperture, this lens features a 7-blade circular aperture for more natural, rounded defocusing, or bokeh.