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Best and Safe Pet Toys for Puppies

Best and Safe Pet Toys for Puppies

Best and Safe Pet Toys for Puppies


Pet Toys for puppies are not only for playing but a necessity for your little sweet furry friend. The options are endless, but don't go all fancy as the toys should be safe and relieve teething pain.

So, as a pet parents, you must be going through all the best and safe pet toys for puppies. To sort out all your confusion, this article discusses some best picks. Let's have a look!

What Type of Toys are Safe for Puppies?

Let's have a look at all the safe pet toys for puppies.


Puppies love balls and get busy for hours playing with them. So while buying the perfect ball for your furry friend, make sure:

  • Pick a durable and robust ball. A fragile ball can break into pieces, and the puppy can swallow it, leading to choking.
  • Don't buy tiny balls. Puppies can eat the ball, leading to choking and severe gastrointestinal damage.

Some of the best balls are tennis ball, squeaky ball, bouncy ball or glow in the dark ball. Ball in the form of a rubber toy is also a good alternative. These durable, soft, exciting balls are for playing, fetching, and chewing. All the activities help in relieving teething pain and assist in overall development.


Bones as pet toys for puppies are excellent for the gums and develop good oral health from the beginning. Dogs chew bones to relieve teething pains; it also removes tartar and scrapes away bacteria from the teeth. So while picking up the bones, consider:

  • Nylon, rubber and fabric bones as they are suitable for chewing.
  • Ensure that the bone is longer than your dog's muzzle to avoid accidental swallowing.

Plush Dog Toys

Plush dog toys made from cotton, fleece, or soft fabric are great. It gives them a sense of comfort. These toys are machine washable and available in all shapes and sizes. While buying these, make sure they are large enough and have attractive figures. Pupper generally hug these toys a lot.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are pet toys for puppies older than 12 weeks, as the ropes may cause dental injuries. Puppies love to play tug of war, and rope toys chew toys, so it serves both their purposes. So, make sure the rope toys are long, chewable and durable.

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are pet products that boost activity levels. They are chewable and are available in fascinating colours and shapes. It has a squeaker inside, which makes cute noises. They love to catch and hunt it.

What is the Right age for Introducing Pet Toys for Puppies?

There is no perfect age for puppies to introduce pet toys as every breed is different. Generally, you can provide puppies with toys as soon as you notice them moving. It can be between 4 weeks to 6 weeks. Also, look for safe, large enough and durable toys.

Ignorance can be dangerous. You may be surprised to know that people feed their pups peanut butter containing xylitol, which is toxic for dogs. So, be aware of all the safe eatables, toys and activities as the new friend is all your responsibility.

What can Eight-week-old Puppies Chew on?

An eight-week-old puppy has just begun exploring the surroundings. So plush toys for comfort are quite a good choice. Also, give them squeaky toys as it boosts mental and physical growth. Some dog treats tug of war as the most entertaining game.

It's suitable for chewing, and they love the rewards. But, of course, each puppy will love different games, so notice the behaviour and invest in toys they love. It should also help them keep busy and boost overall development.

How to Wash Pet Toys for Puppies?

Generally, there is explicit instruction on all the toys, and you must follow it. For general cleaning, always use dog safe laundry detergent. It's readily available both online and offline. Also, you can try natural methods by using baking soda and white vinegar during washing.

Maintenance for Pet Toys for Puppies

Maintain a healthy basket for all the favourite toys of your furry friend. Don't let it stay in the rain or outside, as it can become a breeding ground of bacteria. This can lead to serious tummy problems in puppies.

Also, don't sundry them too much; they fade and release dangerous chemicals. So, wash them, dry them in the natural sun and keep them in the baskets. Lastly, whenever you feel the toy has passed its age, don't be afraid to throw it away. These healthy practises will benefit your little friend in the long run.

Bonus Tips

Introducing the suitable Pet Toys for Puppies at the right age is crucial as it boosts physical and mental growth. It promotes dental health and lets your puppy explore things. It makes them less aggressive, cultivates social skills, relieves boredom and helps you connect with them.

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