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How to Choose the Laptop Backpack - 7 Pro Tips

How to Choose the Laptop Backpack - 7 Pro Tips

A backpack is an important item for daily use. It is the best way to go when you carry laptops, tablets, water bottles, phones and other necessary stuff while going outside. However, choosing a laptop backpack can be a bit bewildering. There are various brands and factors to consider, including price, look or usefulness.

Instead of looking for the best backpack for purchase, it is essential to look for important things when you buy a laptop backpack. Here are some tips for choosing a bag for yourself:

Size of Laptop Backpack

One of the important aspects of picking the right backpack is size. Choose a bag of the right size for your comfort. It should not be big enough or too small. While deciding the size of a backpack, consider various things like your body size, weight, and height. Also, factor in how you will use it. For example, are you using it for business trips or everyday commuting?

Or, are you carrying a gaming laptop, so you need a large laptop backpack? Consider all these factors when choosing a laptop backpack of the right size.

Quality and Durability

Quality is an important aspect you should worry about. Ensure that your backpack is of good quality to avoid wearing it out after everyday use. The fabric is a key component of every bag. It should be durable and lightweight. Most laptop backpacks are available in polyester, nylon, leather, or other materials.

It would be best to find multi-layer, breathable, anti-sweat, and anti-permeable materials for longer use. The second important factor is the quality of zips. They keep your device safely locked in the backpack. So avoid bags with cheap zips, as they make the entire backpack unusable.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Backpacks have a deep impact on your shoulders and spine. So, you must pay attention to this factor and look for a bag with adjustable straps. If you carry a backpack at the right height, it ensures your healthy posture and comfort. The adjustable straps will help you set the height as per your convenience. But ensure that the backpack straps are strong enough to carry weight. 

Backpack Padding

A well-padded backpack can improve comfort and provide security to your laptop while travelling with it outside. However, padding levels often range between models and brands, so do proper research before purchasing a backpack. The following are some important things you must consider:

  • Padded Sleeves

You must ensure that the laptop bag has sleeve padding. It makes your backpack more comfortable to carry.

  • Padded Back Section

If you want to carry heavy books or items or use a laptop backpack for extended periods, ensure that there is padding at the back section. This back-padding will give support to your body posture.

  • Padded Bottom Section

Padding at the bottom is important if you constantly need to pick up or put down the backpack. It will protect your expensive gear and prevent it from shocks.

  • Padded Internal Compartments

Do you want to carry multiple items in the backpack, like a laptop, phone, books, laptop cords, and other things? If yes, pick a bag with internal compartments and padded partitioning. It supports your items and makes it easy for you to organise equipment.


Some people complain that they don’t have enough pockets in their backpacks. In contrast, others feel that their bag has so many pockets that they forget where they have put their items. The number of pocket and storage options in backpacks can vary widely. It is your personal choice. You can go for simplicity by choosing a backpack with a padded sleeve and two pockets. Or get a bag with dozens of pockets for specific purposes.


These days life without a laptop seems impossible. You carry it wherever you go. If you travel a lot, especially on a plane, it would be best to consider the size of the backpack beforehand. While travelling, you look for an easy carrying option. High-quality laptop backs come with a luggage strap in the back. It helps you to fix the bag on your luggage and keep your hands free. Some backpacks have a belt in front that you can use to attach a small bag if you need extra space.


It is important to have a water-resistant laptop backpack. It is because you might sometimes get wet in the rain while travelling outside. So, your bag should be strong enough to withstand 5 to 10 minutes of rain, as it is important to protect your gears inside the bag.

Final Words

Choosing a laptop bag is an easy evaluation game. You just need a smart backpack with perfect internal organisation. Some of you need to commute to the office with your laptop, so it would be best to pick a bag that keeps everything in place and safe. So, you can arrive at your office in perfect condition.

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