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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: An In-Depth Review [From a Real User]

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: An In-Depth Review [From a Real User]

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: An In-Depth Review [From a Real User]



Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is one of the best smartphones of the generation. It has all the features that you can possibly wish to have in a phone. It comes in a sleeker design with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chip for faster performance. It has a 108MP camera, high-resolution display and a glass back. Find the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra review below. You can see that it is one of the best Android phones for people who are willing to pay a premium amount.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Design

Samsung made a great deal about Galaxy S21 series design. But the meaningful change was Couture Cut Housing along the rear cameras array. Its back and front glass panels curve on the sides. So, it is advisable to purchase Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra case  

Its sides have a coat of glossy aluminium. It is undeniably distinctive. You can’t mistake this phone for anything else, even in the phantom black version of Samsung. It has a fingerprint scanner that seems faster than ever.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Display

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has one of the best screens because of its 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED display. It has bright and rich colours with nice viewing angles. It surpasses the iPhone with its refresh rate. You will get super smooth gameplay and scrolling. Moreover, it has 120Hz and quad HD resolution at the same time.

The S21 Ultra is smart enough to automatically dial the refresh rate that helps you to save power. You can easily read its display outdoors, because it can achieve a peak brightness of 1,500 nits. The S21 Ultra has average brightness of 821 nits that beats the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 654 nits.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Camera

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera has a phenomenally powerful camera that has a 108MP main sensor. It includes two 10MP telephoto cameras. It has a 40MP selfie camera that offers a strong performance.

It has five cameras and 10x optical zoom range, impressing the time around, grainy ‘Space Zoom’ photos. Its 30x new tripod lock feature prevents the viewfinder picture from jumping around. It is something that can be jarring while zooming in tightly on the galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Performance and Battery Life

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has the Exynos 2100 chipset. You also have the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra specs option to upgrade from 12GB of RAM to a gigantic 16GB of RAM. It also offers a choice between 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB non-expandable storage.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is also the first smartphone that supports Wi-Fi 6E connections. Its Exynos 2100 matches with the single-core performance of its predecessor “the Exynos 990” that was inside the S20 Ultra. However, it has multi-core performance therefore S21 Ultra is roughly 24% faster that is a dynamic range.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has made the biggest improvement in the graphics rendering department. It has an average frame rate of 93fps in the GFXBench Manhattan on-screen test resulting in double GPU performance. It is one of the longest-lasting phones as it reaches 22hrs 34 mins during video playback at the default FHD+ resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: S Pen

Samsung has added for the first time S Pen support to the Galaxy S flagship. All the software tools in this device are exactly the same as there in the Galaxy Note handsets. Pressing the S Pen button while it is hovering above the screen brings up the Air Command menu. There you can access everything starting from the Samsung Notes app to the translate feature or live messages.

It has a high refresh rate display, so the S Pen has a low latency. Everything you write or draw shows up on the screen But, since this phone can’t hold a stylus, you need to purchase both a case and S Pen to hold it separately. You can also use any Wacom stylus if you have one.

Samsung is soon going to release the S Pen Pro. It will add Bluetooth connectivity to bring the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s S Pen experience in line with the Galaxy Note flagships.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Audio Quality

Earlier, Samsung removed the headphone jack, and now, it got rid of its excellent AKG-tuned earphones. So, none of the Galaxy S21 models come with a charger or earphones in the box.  Samsung is clearly pushing everyone to buy its wireless earbuds. These earbuds are good, but they have got nothing on wired headsets. If you purchase this phone, you will have to get your own pair.

The stereo speakers of the Galaxy S21 Ultra are great. It is loud, never distorts, and oomph in the lower frequencies. It also includes Dolby Atmos support. If you make calls over the speakers, they will be loud and clear.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra cameras are much improved with a bonus of S Pen support. Overall, S21 Ultra is the absolute pinnacle of Android phones.

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