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Top 8 Camera Battery Chargers

Top 8 Camera Battery Chargers

Are you tired of slow and clunky chargers? If yes, purchase a better charger and power up your batteries fastly. Though rechargeable batteries are good for both your wallet and the planet, it is always a pain when they run out of charging. Traditional battery chargers can take a lot of time to bring life to the batteries. But it is actually bad news, especially when you are in a hurry. Moreover, battery chargers are chunky; therefore, you find it difficult to pack them for a holiday.

Fortunately, new models of battery chargers offer much faster charging, and some may even charge batteries within an hour. In addition, they come with features like smart charging displays, compact designs, safety features, USB charging, and more. So, it is time to ditch basic chargers and refuel your batteries in style. Here is the list of some of the best camera battery chargers you can buy:

Hahnel UniPal Extra

The Hahnel Unipal Extra Universal Charger is an all-in-one battery charger with a 5200mAh power bank for on-the-go charging. It can charge various rechargeable batteries, including AA, AAA, camcorder battery, digital camera battery, and much more. It can charge your battery in following ways:

  • Through a USB port
  • From car cigarette lighter socket (12V)
  • 100-240 Volt mains

Braun 1-For-All-Switch Universal Charger

Braun 1-For-All-Switch has a USB port to charge devices. Moreover, it can power a wealth of lithium-ion batteries. It is easy to use and one of the simplest units on the test. It consists of two flat connectors: place batteries upright on the charger for pin-type connections. A blue LCD screen detects the battery type, charging status, and voltage. The spring system that holds the camera battery in place is sturdy, and the unit is durable overall. You can buy this charger from the best online electronics store

Ansmann Powerline Vario

Ansmann Powerline Vario is one of the fastest and most lightweight chargers, best for those who use street photography cameras. It powers most Li-Ion and Li-Po batteries quickly. You simply need to move and align the pins to meet the battery terminals. At the end of NiMH batteries charging, the charge gets switched to the momentum charge. So, the batteries are kept ready for use.

Delkin Devices Dual Universal Battery Charger: Nikon Bundle

Delkin offers something different in the field of universal chargers. The Delkin Devices unit doesn’t adjust to fit a battery. Instead, it uses battery-specific plates to insert into the charging dock. Its Nikon Bundle includes six plates to fit the popular Nikon batteries. In addition, you can expand it with different plates for Olympus, Canon, Panasonic, Casio, Fujifilm, and Sony. The LED indicates the charge percentage to the left side of the battery. Uniquely, the Delkin charger can charge two camera batteries simultaneously. 

Inov8 Universal Battery Charger

The Inov8 Universal battery charger is ideal as a replacement or single charger solution for your camcorder, camera, and mobile batteries. It can charge AA batteries, and its movable pins can successfully contact the test camera batteries. In addition, it has a basic but useful LCD display. It can automatically detect the polarity and battery voltage. Then, it displays the information on the blue LCD screen, including an indication of the charge level. It is a multi-voltage charger, so you can use it anywhere in the world.

Camcaddy Camera Battery Charger

Camcaddy Camera Battery Charger can charge almost 98% of camera batteries. In addition, you can power it via USB. Therefore, it is possible to charge from a laptop or other device, so it is an ideal charger for the photographer out and about. It comes with a mini USB-to-USB lead that powers the charger unit. It also has a USB mains plug, travel adapters for US, EU, and in-car charging.

AmazonBasics Overnight USB Charger

This AmazonBasics charger takes a little over six hours to charge a set of 2,000mAh AA batteries. It is compact and conveniently charges from a standard USB charger or a power bank. Its indicators flash when it is charging and turn green after completing the job. It is a no-nonsense, solid charger that is great for travel purposes. However, remember to avoid plugging it into a fast USB charger, as some users complain of overheating.

Duracell 45 Minutes Hi-Speed Charger

You can plug Duracell’s high-speed charger straight into the wall socket. It comes with two AA and two AAA batteries. It can charge two 1,300mAh AA batteries up to 85% and two 750mAh AAA batteries up to three-quarters capacity. Duracell also scores points for its slimline design and simple but effective LED indicators. They flash red when you start charging, flash green when the batteries are ready to use, and turn to solid green to indicate full charging. 

Bonus Tips

Usually, it is fine to mix batteries of different sizes in the same charger. But it would be best if you avoid mixing the batteries of different types, different voltages, or new and old batteries. If you do it, there is a risk of damaging the batteries or affecting their capacity long-term. 

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