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10 Ways to Make Your Headphones Last Longer

10 Ways to Make Your Headphones Last Longer

Nowadays, you use headphones and earbuds for everything. You wear them for entertainment purposes or to communicate with others. However, if they stop working unexpectedly, you won't be able to listen to calls, music, or movies. Do you ever think about why your headphones keep breaking?

Some of you think that if you purchase a cheap pair of headphones, they will fall apart after a month or two. So, to avoid this frustration, you simply buy an expensive piece. But, unfortunately, that is also not a solution to this problem. Regardless of their quality and price, headphones will break down if you use them carelessly.

If you want your headphones to last longer and get better sound out of them, below are certain things you must do:

Keep Headphones Clean

The outside environment where you use your headphones and the internal environment of your ears both contain dirt. As a result, it can find a way to your headphones and affect their sound quality. So, it would be best to clean them diligently before they get damaged. The following are some tips that you must remember :

  • Your headphones usually get exposed to sweat, dust, and moisture. Therefore, wiping them after use with a soft cloth dampened with hand sanitizer or alcohol is important.
  • Most people do not handle the headphones of others carefully. Moreover, using someone else’s headphones can lead to the exchange of wax that causes serious ear infections. So, it is best to stay on the safer side and not to let others use your headphones.
  • Grease, debris, and earwax can harden the driver units of your earphones. As a result, it causes your earbuds to malfunction. So, to avoid this problem, brush them gently with a soft brush.

Do the 8

Some of you simply roll the earphone cables like a ball of knitting yarn. But it is the wrong way to handle the headphones. Instead, you need to wrap them around your finger loosely and wove them in a manner so they do not get damaged or tangled. While wrapping it, ensure that you leave some length towards the end and wrap the remaining length horizontally. Last, weave the headphone jack at one side of the loop, making it look like a bow.

Use a Binder Clip

One of the easiest wrapping techniques is to use a medium-sized binder clip. Keep speakers out and wrap the remaining length of the earphone cable around the clip. You can also reduce the cable’s length by clipping it to your bag or shirt while using it.

Store Earphone Properly

Your first line of defence is storing earphones properly. That’s why most earphones come with a storage case or pouch these days. Rather than wrapping a headphone cable around your device, disconnect them and coil them using the over-over or over-under method. Once you coil the cable properly, place the earphones in the pouch. 

Check Connections

Make sure that the connection between earphones and cable is clean. Many high-end headphones have detachable cables, so while removing them, check that there is no debris or moisture. While connecting them, ensure that you properly match up R and L markings on the cable and earphones.

Pull the Plug Instead of Cord

The weakest link of a headset cable is the plug. This part goes into smartphones, computers, and sound systems. Sometimes you hear sound only in one ear, but it is back to normal when you twist the plug. It indicates a defective plug. It is because you pull the cord to unplug the headphones that weaken the internal wires.

Use Sound-Enhancing Applications

Some apps alter the headphones' sound signature, dramatically increasing the sound quality. However, if you still dislike your headphone's sound, the app will not change it. But it can offer some useful features that will improve the quality of the headphone's sound. For example, you can look for a multi-band EQ application to take your mobile device's audio output through different adjustable bands.

Keep Headphones Dry

These days there is a wide selection of waterproof and water-resistant headphones available in the market. So, keeping them dry is not a big concern. However, even if most earphones are water-resistant, they can get wet over time. If your headphones accumulate excessive moisture, their internal components get damaged or stop working.

Keep Headphones from Extreme Temperatures

Some of you leave your headphones inside a car on a cold or hot day. Unfortunately, it can harm the internal components of headphones or shorten the life of lithium-ion batteries. So it would be best not to charge or store headphones in extreme temperatures. Instead, you can use the headphones at a temperature ranging from 32º to 95º F.

Buy Headphones that Fit Properly

Every person has a different shape and size of the head, resulting in different preferences that make you feel comfortable. For example, some people like tight-fitting headphones to avoid slip off, while others prefer loose-fitting headphones that don’t press your ears too hard. When purchasing headphones, ensure that they fit your head shape. Headphones that are too small are prone to break or bend, and earphones that are too big may slip and break apart on the floor.

Final Words

Now you are fully aware of the ins and outs of how to make the headphones last longer. So, you will be able to prevent the frustration of disruptions it can cause. You will wisely keep them and not cram them in tight places.

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