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Best Hair Dryer of 2022 for Salon Ready Look

Best Hair Dryer of 2022 for Salon Ready Look

Are you looking for the best hair dryer for 2022? Well, stop hunting as here is the list of best hair dryers which suit every individual's needs. All new blow dryers are equipped with advanced technology, leading to zero hair damage and a perfect hairstyle all day. So, limit going to salons and bring these best hair dryers to your home from your favourite e-commerce website.

Keep reading for all the details!

Dyson Hair Dryer (best Overall)

Price: £430

Dyson is a benchmark in technology, and here it is, an all-new and fabulous Dyson hair dryer which is great. It is durable, effective and has silent working compared to other noisy hair dryers. 

The best part about the Dyson hair dryer is its strong digital mortar which is six times faster than other motors. In addition, it comes with an Air multiplier which gives high pressure, high velocity and a controlled velocity option. As a result, it's versatile, and it suits every hair type. Also, there are magnetic styling options attached for various looks. The setting stays for long and gives volume, and minimises frizz.

CloudNine Hair The Airshot Hair Dryer (best for frizzy hair)

Price: £119

Frizzy hair is such a nuance in summers and humid climates. Hair absorbs atmospheric moisture and swells up to create uncontrollable frizz. Many dryers worsen the case by stealing the moisture from the hair strands.

But no more because CloudNine Hair The Airshot Hair Dryer has come to address this concern. It comes with vitamin-infused ceramic heating elements. Also, it uses amazing non-static technology to settle frizz and all those untamed strands. It uses 2000W of power and gives a bouncy hair look within minutes.

GHD Helios ( best for fine hair)

Price: £148

A full look having volume and bounce is the dream of everyone. You can go for the all-new GHD Helios hair dryer without second thoughts if you have little fine hair. It helps to attain a look full of swirls and gives an impression of thick hair.

It has a mega-high wattage of 120km/h shot and a narrow nozzle. It reaches every strand and till the scalp of your head to give a bounce to each strand. It works on every hair strand and makes them shiny and lively within minutes. So, adopt this technology for your hair to have salon-ready hair at home.

Shark Style iQ (best for curly hair)

Price: £180

Curls are eternally beautiful, but you need a special set of stools to style them. Shark Style IQ hairdryer is designed to bring the best out of curly hair. It practises damage-free drying and moisturises hair. As a result, hair becomes glossy, soft and hydrated.

Shark Style iQ comes with 'Smart' styling attachments in the box. It has an adjustable concentrator nozzle and a diffuser attachment with extendable prongs. So, it reaches deep into the scalp and styles every hair strand. You can manually adjust the setting of the pong and attach it to the main blow dryer. It's great for curly hair as it has the power to deal with every strand and welcomes pretty bounce, which is manageable.

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer (best for thick hair)

Price: £ 76

Thick hair full of volume and healthy strands is a dream come true. But, while styling, you need some compatible tools which can style your hair. Thick strands can turn into beautiful hairstyles with the help of the right accessories. So, bring in BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer, which can style thick hair.

It's one of the strongest and most durable products that use six heating levels and speed settings. It uses 2002 W power and has the best performance to deal with a hair full of volume. In addition, it runs on nano titanium technology which helps to style hair full of thick strands. As a result, your hair will stay perfect for long hours and look gorgeous. So, bring this robust hair dryer home to style your thick hair.

BaByliss 2100 Salon Light (best in-budget)

Price: £28

BaByliss has been a very popular hair styling brand since the 1960s. It has all affordable to high-end products, which are phenomenal. BaByliss 2100 Salon Light is to carry and comes with advanced technology which styles every hair type.

It has a ceramic heating element to keep temperatures under control. Also, it has multiple temperature controls and perfectly deals with frizzy, thick and curly hair. It comes with a 3metre long cord and a very handy hairstyling tool. Power is amazing, and so are control options. So, it's great for everyday styling or carrying it while travelling. 

Bonus Tips

This was the complete list of the best hair dryers of 2022. Always remember to pick the technology which suits your hair type. A compatible hairstyle tool with minimum damage and flexibility is the best one. So, survey these products now and enjoy making every day a good hair day!

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