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The Ultimate Guide to Smart Kettles

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Kettles

With technological advancement, many common home appliances are getting smart treatment. You can boil even simple water in an improved way. Here smart kettles play a major role by adding convenience to this mundane task. You can get water at the right temperature or hot anytime with a smart kettle. So, let us get started.

Features of Smart Kettles

Here are the main features of some best smart kettles you can find in the market:

  • Remote: It is a primary function that enables you to turn on/off your kettle from any corner of the house. You can use a relevant app and trigger a kettle to initiate the boiling process.
  • Schedule: Some smart kettles let you schedule the boiling process. This process is quite beneficial when you have a hectic schedule.
  • Water Levels: Smart kettles allow you to measure the unit's water capacity.
  • Variable Temperatures: Some kettles allow you to set a custom temperature variable. It is useful for hot beverage drinkers as there is a perfect temperature for your favourite beverage.
  • LCD Screen: Many kettles have LCD screens to depict useful information like variable temperature, current time, or status of the boiling process. You can also use it to monitor each step of the brewing process.
  • App Integration: You can install an app on your phone associated with your smart kettle brand to control or use it as you want. These apps provide an overview of the relevant information you need about your heating device.
  • Volume Sensing: Some of the top models of kettles start the boiling process when they pick up on any volume. You can enjoy the satisfaction of boiling water when you open the main door.

Best Smart Kettles for Home or Office

Below are some feature-packed smart kettles that offer numerous options and settings:

Cosori Electric Gooseneck Bluetooth

This smart kettle made by Cosori has a lovely and delicate neck for pouring. It is less refined and beautiful as compared to other smart kettles available on the market. It makes for that with its group of settings that allow you to control the boiling process fully. You can set it by using the associated VeSync application. Using this app, you can operate the smart kettle remotely and program it to initiate the boiling process after a set time. 

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle

Xiaomi made a lot of effort by representing this low-budget kettle. This Xiaomi Mi smart kettle is a little compact unit that you can control with its companion app. It does a creditable job of making you use it via Bluetooth. Its superior STRIX temperature control guarantees a full boiling and longer lifespan. In addition, it offers numerous options and features, and people get quite impressed by its white look and tiny base station.

Breville the IQ Kettle Pure

Though this smart kettle is not Wi-Fi enabled, it suits many other requirements. You can select between five coffee and tea settings to set the ideal temperature to brew your drink. The kettle will reach and attain the precise temperature for your beverage once you select the brew. Its single-touch button ensures that your smart kettle will remain warm for at least 20 minutes. You can activate this feature once the water heating cycle gets completed.

This smart kettle has an ergonomic handle that is easy to grab, and its lid release button adds the convenience element. In addition, it features a 360-degree rotating base and a handy cord storage wrap. It also offers boil dry protection that makes the kettle discontinue its operation when there is little to no water.

OXO BREW Cordless Glass Kettle

In this kettle, LED lights guide you through the water heating process. They light up automatically when the kettle is on and shut off once the water inside completely boils. It has a stainless-steel filter that strains water out. Its lid opens slowly for your safety by preventing steam from escaping quickly. This smart kettle has a non-slip handle that allows a secure grip. Its measurement markings help you to track how much liquid is in the kettle.

Benefits of Buying Smart Kettle

The smart kettle has a lot more advantages than you can think. Some of them are listed below: 

  • They come with many brilliant features, like temperature control, the ability to control the kettle remotely, and many more.
  • You just have to flick a switch, nothing more, to start the process.
  • They have super energy efficiency, so they are better options for the environment.
  • Smart kettles heat up more quickly than a stove kettle.
  • They are ideal for specific uses, especially when you want water to a set temperature.
  • Smart kettles are more energy efficient than stovetop kettles. This is because their heating element located below directly heats the water, and there is no electricity loss.


Q: Can Alexa Switch the Kettle on?

Yes, Alexa can switch on the kettle. Amazon Smart Plug makes you use voice control to operate fans, lights, coffee makers, etc. You can make all appliances turn on and off automatically, or you can also control them remotely. All you require is Alexa-enabled devices.

Q: Can Alexa Make Tea?

Yes, Alexa can make tea. Simply ask Alexa to open the tea steeper skill and mention your tea preference, like "make a cup of green tea." 

Q: What Kettle Connects Alexa?

Smart kettle by WEEKETT is compatible with Alexa.

Hopefully, the above guide is useful for you. Mostly all homes and offices worldwide have one or more kettles, and they often get used and even replaced. So, try a smart kettle when it's time to replace the old one. It is worth investing in.

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