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Which BP Monitor is Best for Home Use?

Which BP Monitor is Best for Home Use?

Do you know that over one-third of the people in the world suffer from blood pressure issues? It makes it one of the biggest causes of disabilities and premature death. So it is a red flag for everyone who takes their volatile BP numbers lightly.

Fluctuating blood pressure is a silent killer that can trigger many life-threatening complications. One of the easiest ways to keep a tab on it is by monitoring it with a handy BP monitor.

To help you keep abreast with your BP readings, there are many options on both online and high street stores. However, if you find selecting the right monitor for your home an overwhelming task, we got you covered.

Here is the list of the top ten BP monitors available at the consumer electronics store in Canada and other countries:

Omron Evolv BP Monitor

Omron is one of the most reliable BP monitor brands that are also highly recommended by doctors. This compact, lightweight, and portable monitor comes with a comfortable cuff and an HD screen.

Moreover, its Bluetooth feature enables you to connect to the Omron app. As a result, you can easily track your numbers and sync the data with other health apps and smartwatches. The crux is that it is a fast, accurate, intuitive, and silent machine worth its value.

Cazon BP Monitor

Are you searching for an affordable BP monitor that offers reliable reading? If yes, you won't get a better option than this one. It supports two users simultaneously and can save up to 99 readings for each.

Powered by AA batteries, this gadget comes with a USB cable, a large display, and a comfortable cuff. That's not all. It also alerts you if you have an irregular heartbeat.

Renpho Automatic BP Monitor TMB-1872

It is a smart and compact BP monitor that is one of a kind. It comes with advanced voice feedback that reads you loud your measurement. The two primary features of this product are an extra-large cuff that can size up to 42 cm in circumference, and a backlit XXL LED display.

You can check up to 120 readings each for two users. Last but not least, this BP monitor also has an Arrhythmia detector. All these features make it a must-have BP monitor for your home.

Withings BP Monitor

It is one of the smartest BP monitors in 2022. It comes with rechargeable batteries and is both Android and iOS compatible. Withings BP Monitor is a robust machine that can support up to eight users and record multiple readings.

Moreover, you can also sync the data with your cell phone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Its readings are clinically authenticated to be within margins given by the British Hypertension Society.

Lloyds Pharmacy BP Monitor

It is an advanced BP monitor that can detect Afib – Atrial Fibrillation and blood pressure. AFib is a condition wherein the heart develops an unusual rhythm due to the abnormal beating of its atrial chambers.

Having a monitor handy to check this condition can save you from various cardiovascular complications and strokes. Moreover, it can keep reading for up to two users. It also offers a guest mode for other non-stored readings.

Kinetik Well-Being BP Monitor

Kinetik Well-Being BP Monitor is an automatic machine with a 90-reading memory with date and time. It is an easy-to-operate machine with a large LCD and gives accurate results every time. This 1-button monitor also has a universal cuff and is clinically validated by both ESH and BIHS.


Salter Automatic Arm BP Monitor

This amazing BP monitor will enable you to accurately and conveniently monitor your BP on your own. In addition, Salter Automatic BP Monitor comes with a WHO-approved built-in hypertension indicator to give you insights into your well-being.


Apart from this, an adjustable cuff and an easy-to-read display will effectively help you to measure your BP in the comfort of your home. This product has all the essential features a modern BP monitor should have in 2022.

AUCEE BP Monitor

It is a popular BP monitor brand already grabbing the limelight in 2022. This automatic monitor has all the features that the latest blood pressure monitor should have.

The best part is that it is a cost-effective product that promises robust performance and accurate results. In addition, it comes with a large backlit display, comfortable cuff, and supports multiple user data. What more can you ask for?


So, this was all about the blood pressure monitors for home use that are grabbing headlines in 2022. Make sure you look for the latest features like a universal cuff, reading storage capacity, and an abnormal heartbeat detector.


Apart from this, go for compact, lightweight, portable, and clinically approved models. In case of any confusion, you can consider connecting with a market expert. It will help you make more informed choices.

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