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Wired vs. Wireless Headphones: Which Is Better?

Wired vs. Wireless Headphones: Which Is Better?

Are you looking for audio gear? If yes, the first question that arises in your mind is whether to buy wired or wireless headphones. Unfortunately, choosing between wired or wireless headphones can be a daunting task. Many people make mistakes here. Moreover, debate on this topic will always be there, especially with technological advancements.

Wireless technology is becoming more dominant with the passing years but is still relatively new. So should you ditch wired headphones and embrace the wireless ones? Well, both options have their pros and cons. Taking account of your lifestyle, how you intend to use your gear, and your preferences, pick a pair that suits you best. 

Below are some comparisons that will help you to narrow down the right headphones to choose:

Sound Quality

Wireless headphones generally have inferior sound quality to wired ones. However, the difference in their audio quality lessened with time, so most people can not tell the difference. With wireless headphones, transmitting the compressed version of audio data and encoding and decoding of data lowers its resolution. But there is no signal conversion with wired headphones, resulting in good sound quality.

Wireless headphones are vulnerable to the interference of audio signals. The interference causes a drop in the sound quality. It is even worse in wireless earbuds as an extra Bluetooth transmission further creates more interference. In contrast, wired headsets still triumph in audio quality. 


Another difference between wired and wireless headphones is convenience. The wired headphones come with a cable of around 1 meter. So it is acceptable for movements like sitting on a table and plugging them into a laptop or smartphone. But if you move suddenly, you will face difficulties or a sense of restriction. On the other hand, wireless headphones are clutter-free. Moreover, you can abruptly move or twist without worrying about unplugging or breaking the cable.


Latency is the time required for audio to travel from source to destination. If there is too much latency, there will be a delay between when something happens and when you hear it. This issue can be a bit problematic, especially when you play games where you must react quickly. 

Wired headphones have less latency as audio data gets transferred directly to headphones via cable. So when something happens, you can hear it immediately. But wireless headphones need to encode the audio data before transmitting it. So, there may be some latency, depending on headphones quality.


Wired headphones are more durable than wireless headsets because they have fewer body components that can break if they fall. It makes their handling easier than their wireless counterparts. In addition, some high-end wired headsets are well-made and can last for a lifetime.


Wired headphones take power from the source, whether it can be your laptop, smartphone, or PC. In contrast, wireless earbuds come with a small battery capacity as you cannot charge them from connected devices. Therefore, if your earphones do not have a battery, they will not work. So, you have to ensure that your wireless headsets have enough juice.

Nowadays, wireless headphones have a TYPE-C charging port that enables fast charging. So, you can get 2 hours of playback with just 10 minutes of charging. But you should still check the required amp to power your headsets.

Call Quality

Generally, wired earphones have better mic performance than wireless headphones. It is because the mic is close to your mouth in wired headsets. In comparison, wireless earphones have a mic around the chin or are not close to your mouth. So you must check the reviews of earphones and test them personally before buying one.


Both wireless and wired headphones have a difference in their price. It is because wireless technology is more expensive. So, you can get many better-wired headphones at a particular price range. But good wireless earphones cost more because of expensive technology. However, costly gears do not mean they are better. So you must check them properly before picking one. And again, it is your personal choice to go for wired or wireless ones.


Wireless headphones cause some amount of radiation, but it does not mean wired headsets are radiation free. But it is not as strong as wireless peripherals. However, nothing is dangerous that can cause ear damage. Nevertheless, using a few precautions while dealing with wireless or wired earphones would be best. 

Gaming Headphones

Most people believe that gamers will benefit more from wired gaming headsets. Latency and audio quality are important factors for gaming gears, and wired ones come on top for both aspects. If we talk about management, wireless headphones are cable-free and give more mobility. But you can also keep wired headphones organized with good cable management. So, the choice depends on your personal liking and overall cost.


It is all about your personal preferences. Nothing rivals the performance of wired headsets for office employees. On the other hand, wireless headphones are best for those who move a lot. Each offers its own set of pros and cons. Whatever you choose, you will get high-quality audio data from both earphones.

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