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Welcome to SaveOnCells
Welcome to SaveOnCells
Best Hand Sanitiser for Sensitive Skin [Top 6 Products]

Best Hand Sanitiser for Sensitive Skin [Top 6 Products]

Best Hand Sanitiser for Sensitive Skin [Top 6 Products]



When it comes to getting rid of bacteria and germs, nothing beats water and soap. So, it is vital to wash your hands from time to time. However, finding soap and water is not always possible when you are out of the home. But it does not mean that you can neglect this habit. Instead, use a hand-sanitiser to clean your hands until you return home. Here is a list of the safe and best hand sanitiser for sensitive skin you can purchase from SaveOnCells:

Dove Warm Vanilla and Shea Butter Nourishing Hand Sanitiser

Nowadays, different types of hand sanitiser are available in the market. But this lovely formula makes the hand sanitising experience a bit more luxurious. It is very surprising if you consider the price of this hand sanitiser. Dove is pretty affordable and offers a velvety texture that reminds you of a nourishing lotion.

It features a comforting and warming scent that makes you feel relaxed. Moreover, it has a super cheap and petite bottle that you can easily carry in your back pocket.

HAAN Hand Sanitiser

HAAN is a pocket friendly and flat hand sanitiser spray that makes it easy to use. It is the best hand sanitiser for travel purposes as it is extremely handy. If you talk about scents, it offers many options, and the new cocktail-inspired fragrance is one of the best among them. It has a water-based spray formula that is super pleasant and quick to use and dry.

In addition, HAAN funds many water projects in developing communities worldwide through its sales. Therefore, its purchase can make you feel good.

EO Hand Sanitiser Lavender Gel

This hand sanitiser has a great fragrance and safe ingredients like alcohol extracted from non-GMO sugarcane, jojoba seed oil, and vegetable glycerine. Dimethicone and glycerine together make it an excellent moisturising hand sanitiser, resisting the drying effects of alcohol. In addition, it has a wonderful fragrance because of different essential oils.

However, if you are sensitive to strong smells, you can pick its unscented version. It is the best hand sanitiser for eczema as it is safe for eczema-prone skin and sensitised individuals.

CHI Natural Gardens Moisturising Hand Sanitiser

If you are looking for a gentle hand sanitiser for sensitive skin, try CHI Naturals Garden Moisturising hand sanitiser. It has a soothing formula and natural ingredients that keep your skin soft. However, it is a bit expensive so you can buy it from online websites for the best prices and discounts.

It is an effective hand sanitiser that kills 99.9% germs, yet it is gentle for sensitive skin. Moreover, it includes glycerine and organically grown aloe vera that helps to seal in the moisture and soothe the skin.

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser

Are you looking for an alcohol-free hand sanitiser for sensitive skin? If yes, try this hand sanitiser from Babygenics. It is purely a form, not a gel. Moreover, it is safe for kids' delicate skin as it is alcohol-free and manufactured from plant-derived products. Thus, it is free from harsh ingredients such as dyes, artificial fragrances, phthalates, parabens, and sulphates.

It is safe and perfect for cleaning your little one’s soft hands as this formula is non-sticky, hypoallergenic, and non-drying. Also, it comes in different sizes, like travel-friendly packs and jumbo sizes to fill smaller bottles. Therefore, it is a popular option for people with families.

Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitiser

This hand sanitiser from Touchland comes in eight different fragrances, including Watermelon, Mint, and Aloe Vera. Formulated with essential oils and aloe vera, these hand sanitisers keep your skin moisturised and do not leave any sticky film behind. In addition, it contains 67% ethyl alcohol and glycerine that helps to retain moisture and make your hands soft.

How to Choose a Hand Sanitiser?

Consider the following criteria while choosing the hand sanitisers for your sensitive skin:

  • Ingredients: Hand sanitisers must have a minimum of 60 per cent ethyl alcohol. Therefore, it effectively kills bacteria and germs. However, the effective alcohol-free option is benzalkonium chloride.
  • Price: Various hand sanitisers are there in the market. Some are expensive, others are cheap with fewer features. Choose one that meets your budget.
  • Texture: You all avoid sticky hand sanitisers. So, read reviews to ensure that the texture of the option you choose is non-sticky and dry.
  • Consistency: Hand sanitisers are available in gel, foam, liquid, and wipes. Choose one based on your consistency preference.

Bonus Tips

If you want to purchase the best hand sanitisers for sensitive skin, buy one containing alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. Because other alcohols are not acceptable in hand sanitiser, notably methyl and 1-propanol. Both of them are very toxic to humans.


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