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Free Shipping on orders above $100

Pentax Auto Bellows K Set Camera Lens

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par Pentax
UGC 50200
Prix d'origine $1,133.72 USD - Prix d'origine $1,133.72 USD
Prix d'origine
$1,133.72 USD
$1,133.72 USD - $1,133.72 USD
Prix actuel $1,133.72 USD


  • Pentax K-mount lenses and bodies.
  • Auto Bellows K can be extended from 38mm to 170mm.
  • This unit has a lens-reversing system, double cable release for operating the diaphtagm, and a measuring scale that indicates how far the bellows has been drawn out.
  • The tripod receptacle is movable.
  • Auto Bellows K has a minimum extension of 38mm; the minimum magnification is 0.73x with a 50mm lens.
  • The slide copier K attaches to the Auto Bellows K for quick, accurate slide duplication and partial slide magnification.
  • Although originally designed for older film bodies, this bellows can still be used with many newer digital bodies.
  • All functions may not be available with newer bodies.