LG Cam Plus CBG-700 Comfortable shooting grip

LGSKU: 44842

Sale price$97.15

Product Description

The LG CAM Plus gives you the experience of a Real Camera-key. A Shutter button, zoom dial, and handgrip let you take great one-handed photos on the fly, real camera good stuff! The LG Cam Plus has the grip and feel of a real camera. Slide in the CAM Plus for more control when taking shots, and get a grip on the ins and outs of setup and usage. The LG CAM Plus comes with a built-in 1,200 mAh battery to power the camera module, in addition, the LG CAM Plus will also charge your LG G5 battery when the camera is in use.


  • Comfortable shooting grip
  • Traditional camera experience
  • Physical keys for the camera on/off, zoom, shutter, and record keys
  • Autofocus with a half-press of the shutter key
  • Compatible with Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, & T-Mobile




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