Xiaomi Black Shark FunCooler Pro (Black)


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Product Description

When you play games on your smartphone for a long time your mobile becomes hot in simple gaming is hot, and in the end, your mobile can’t survive anymore and causing faults in it. So black shark fun cooler is here to cool your mobile it is actually a household refrigerator. It includes a freezer chip and turbofan to cool down temperature at 14 degrees Celsius in just one minute. We mean icy cold as the temperature drops up to 14 degree Celsius in one minute and can hit the temperature of -13.9 degree Celsius after 10 minutes


  • Gives your gaming experience and with RGB color effects
  • Play games on for a long term without fear of hot temperature of Mobile
  • It can down the temperature to -13.9 degree in 10 minutes
  • The fun cooler has a low sound that cannot make a loud noise
  • It is a household refrigerator


Model Black Shark FunCooler Pro
Colors RGB colors
Connectivity Plug & play
Compatible Andriod/IOS
Temperature  Down to -13.9°C in 10 minutes


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