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11 Best Android Phone Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

11 Best Android Phone Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

11 Best Android Phone Accessories to Make Your Life Easier



When it comes to your Android phone, you download the best apps to make your life simple and fun. As most companies have been developing useful and brilliant apps, some are also creating android accessories for these phones. So whether you like photography or tweeting, various accessories useful and budget-friendly are there for your convenience. Let us learn more about these gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 has a fantastic sound quality with effective noise-cancelling technology. In addition, they are exceptionally discreet and small, so they remain secure and comfortable in your ears. They have a good battery life with a wireless case for charging. It is hard to beat their price, so they are a great option for an Android smartphone user.

Power Banks

A power bank is a portable charger that you can easily carry at any time when you go out. It comes in different sizes. The power banks with higher capacity can also help you charge the tablets. In addition, they have built-in advanced systems to protect the devices from overcharging, over-heating, over-voltage, and over-current.

Car Mounts

If you often use your android phone to navigate around in the car, it would be best to get a car mount. You can set it on your car’s windshield or dashboard. Or you can purchase a quality magnetic car mount holder that fixes on your car’s air vent. If you want to look for more options, check them on the https://saveoncells.com/.

Car Charger

You can charge your various smartphones like galaxy note using the USB port in your car. But its charging speed is pretty slow. You will gain only 10 to 15% batter in 30 minutes. So, car chargers are a significant part of your everyday life.

Selfie Sticks

Nowadays, maximum people take selfies when they find anything interesting. So, a selfie stick has also become a useful smartphone accessory. Though there are various selfie sticks available in the market, you can opt for a Bluetooth selfie stick for your ease. A good selfie stick usually has a highly adjustable cradle and offers a battery life of 20 hours.

Gaming Controllers

Nowadays, most games on Play Store or App Store have a design for touchscreen devices. But there are some games that you can play better with gaming controllers. For instance, VR games or one running in emulators will be fun to play with a controller. So if you play these kinds of games, the best smartphone accessory to purchase is a gaming controller.

Covers and Cases

For most of you, covers or cases are basic accessories to purchase for a smartphone. However, it is very important as smartphones may have scratches or get shattered if you accidentally drop them. So, look for popular manufacturers to buy quality cases or covers.

Screen Protector

If your smartphone's screen gets destroyed accidentally, it will cause a huge loss. Moreover, it will badly affect the appearance and performance of your phone. So, do not forget to purchase a screen protector when you think about protecting your device with durable cases or covers.

Charging Cable

You all need the fastest charging cables with charging adapters for your smartphones. There are various options for charging cables, such as MicroUSB cable, type C cable, and many more. You should pick one for your smartphone based on your device's support for charging.

Every Android phone needs a charging cable and a charger. You can make a battery life long-lasting by using an original cable. Otherwise, you will see that voltage frequency will affect your phone's battery life in the long run.

Car Phone Holder

The car phone holders come with various flexible options. For example, it stores your phone and gives extra space to accommodate the accessories like sunglasses, car keys, etc. In addition, its fixed hook does not fall easily, so it is suitable for various car vent structures.

Multiport Wall Charger

With the emergence of multiple accessories and smartphones, it is becoming hard to charge them simultaneously. But no need to worry now. You can use a multiport wall charger to resolve this issue. It comes with USB ports to connect a maximum of four devices at a time.

The best thing about these chargers is that they have a high speed that can usually go around 40 W. So, look for a high-quality multiport wall charger compatible with almost all kinds of accessories or phones.

Bonus Tips

The smartphone accessories listed above are some of the most useful and essential gadgets. Other than these items, various other accessories like SD cards, charging heads, or phone stands could make a list. It is up to you which gadget is most important for your requirements.

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