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6 Best Analogue Watches for Men [Top Brands]

6 Best Analogue Watches for Men [Top Brands]

An elegant analogue watch is one of the perfect accessories for men. Several great brands are there in the market that offer sleek-looking analogue watches. However, you must explore them on different websites and find one that serves your requirements. In this article below, you can see some most iconic analogue watches for men.

Some of these watches come from common yet great brands, while others are less known but have high quality. However, before going directly towards these brands, let us know what an analogue watch exactly is and the characteristics of a good timepiece.

What Do you Mean by Analogue Watch?

Analogue watches are classic timepieces that use sophisticated mechanisms for moving in the watch batons to stimulate movement. Its basic design consists of the minute-hand stick shorter than second-hand sticks. When they move around your watch, you can hear a tick-tock sound indicating your watch is functioning.

Electric current formed by a built-in battery and quartz crystal drives the motors and gears in these machines. The movement of quartz crystals makes these watches precise and reliable. 

Characteristics of a Good Analogue Watch

Here are some characteristics of a good analogue watch:

Materials: The high-quality analogue watches made from good materials like steel maintain their shine. Other materials used to make luxurious watches are expensive ceramic or other precious metals.

Movement Type: High-quality watches have complex mechanisms, whereas good mid-range watches feature a basic quartz movement. Some men prefer to buy a timepiece with automatic movement.

Ruggedness: The most favourable trait of good analogue watches is they work in all extreme conditions like underwater.

Movement Quality: All analogue watches movements are not the same. Some cheap quality timepieces either lose or gain seconds daily, so they need resetting daily. But a good analogue watch does not stop working after technical difficulties.

6 Best Analogue Watches for Men

Below are some best brands of analogue watches for men:

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most famous timepieces in the World. Its value does not drop massively even in the second-hand market. It is the first divers watch launched in 1953, so it is famous by the name diving watch. It is waterproof to 330 feet in depth. It has been around since the 1950s with several improvements and tweaks.

This watch is a chronometer in terms of technicality, meaning it has been tested in Switzerland for several days by watch nerds. Moreover, it is an automatic watch which means you don't have to purchase a battery. Finally, it is tough like old shoes, so it lasts long. Therefore, it is an excellent accessory to investment as it is reliable, durable, and has high re-sale value.

Omega Aqua Terra "Beijing 2022"

Dedicated to the Beijing Olympic Winter Games 2022, Omega released an ice-cool version of Aqua Terra. It has various unique features. The dial is white ceramic and frost patterned, with indexes and blue hands illuminated with Super-Lumi Nova. In addition, there is a stamp of the Beijing 2022 emblem on the case back. It comes inside a special Games-themed box.


Tissot has been one of the most favourable watches among Switch watch users since 1853. Its first line of timepieces were pocket watches with two different time zones. In addition, it is the first anti-magnetic watch.

This brand has become a timekeeper for various professional leagues across the World. In addition, its unrelenting yearning to produce reasonably high-quality watches made it successful. Finally, it offers a perfect blend of absolute precision and function.

Junghans Meister Handaufzug

Junghans timepieces are superbly elegant and luxurious. They look great with casual dresses for a sleek upgrade to the weekend outfit. Also, they are one of the best-built timepieces in the market. It's one of the most favourable dress watches of Master.

It is a great hand watch that adds a little tradition to the timepieces collection. It has pared-back dial features with a single sub-dial and precise timings.

Rado Centrix

A Swiss brand, "Rado” manufactures excellent quartz and automatic wrist watches. They have lovely designs which add personality to your looks. Centrix is one of the true ranges of men's watches. Its quartz model appeals to everyone because it has a tough sapphire crystal. In addition, it is a splash-proof model.

Timex x NN07

Timex NN07 is an excellent and minimalist, Nordic menswear brand. You can see it a lot outside Soho offices. It is everywhere to wear a wristwatch that will not break your bank. It has a limited 777 pieces. It looks fabulous with casual wear and personality to your look.

Bonus Tips

A man’s wrist looks empty without a timepiece. In addition, it is a loyal and sturdy accessory that will remain with you for a long time. A watch is a close friend you see every day from time to time. So, invest in a good analogue watch.

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