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7 Best Vegan Makeup Brands in 2022

7 Best Vegan Makeup Brands in 2022

7 Best Vegan Makeup Brands in 2022


Every human being needs a clean and green environment. So, the fashion industry is also fastly shifting towards sustainability, following most beauty brands. They are continuously making more vegan skincare and makeup products. As a result, people are moving forward towards ethical beauty.

It is the best time to switch your makeup routine by buying cruelty-free beauty products. From lip glosses to moisturisers, several brands launched animal-friendly items in the market or on sites like SaveOnCells. Below is the list seven best vegan makeup brands in 2022:

Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo is one of the best premier natural beauty products brands. Their cosmetics are in demand all across the globe because they use high-quality natural and clean ingredients. When you subscribe to the Lily Lolo newsletter, first-time customers will get approximately 10% to 15% off.

Their signature SPF 15 mineral foundation is famous and in demand because it contains finely milled mineral pigments. Moreover, it is oil-free and 100% vegan. It is available in 20 different skin shades. Other top-selling Lily Lolo beauty products are their big lash mascara and natural lipsticks.

All products made by Lily Lolo are free from perfumes, harsh chemicals, dyes, and parabens. In addition, they offer 100% cruelty-free products.

Milk Makeup

Launched in 2019 in the UK, Milk Makeup promotes clean beauty. This brand is entirely vegan and does not use animal derived ingredients. Their all products are free from paraben.

Milk Makeup lip+cheek product is one of the best cream blushers infused with avocado oil. This product is very moisturising, so it is best for people with dry skin. You can apply it by turning the stick directly on the cheeks. It retains its colour even after you spend your whole day in the sun.

Urban Decay

Thanks to its naked honey palette of browns and light pink selection, it gained popularity. Unfortunately, its parent company is L'o'real, which sells brands that need animal testing. But Urban decay is one of the best cruelty-free brands with Peta certification. Moreover, all makeup artists prefer its Urban Decay all nighter setting spray as it does not smudge and create a radiant look.

Its other product, the lash freak mascara, gained high praise in the market. Its innovative makeup brushes are similar to eyelash curlers, which delivers fluttery and lifted lashes to give a wide-awake look. They do not compromise quality and ethics, so it is one of the best cruelty free brands.

Lime Crime

Do you like bright colours, lots of glitters, and whimsical packaging? If yes, go for Lime Crime makeup products. This unicorn-inspired brand has 100% cruelty-free cosmetics. Though it has playful aesthetics, most makeup artists find it fits all vibes. In addition, its Venus 3 Eyeshadow Palette and Diamond Dew Liquid Eyeshadow are very popular.

Mine Tan

Its products allow you to have a perfect bronze glow and a complete makeup look. They are entirely natural cosmetic items. So, apply them quickly to the skin for a radiant glow in a few minutes. Its Rose Illuminating Facial Tan is perfect to use with a quick spray. Moreover, it helps you to maintain a lustrous shine without any tanning.

Its products complement almost all skin types. If you prefer to have a bolder look, its Self Tan Mousse is a perfect option that works in an hour. Its all beauty products are 100% vegan and not tested on animals. They consist of natural DHA. Also, they are free from sulphates, oils, and parabens. In addition, Mine Tan uses recycled materials for its packaging.

Cover FX

Formed by the former chief chemist of MAC Cosmetics, Cover FX has a wide range of clean, effective, and vegan products. This brand believes that makeup does not fit all. Instead, you have to mix and match the products based on what suits you.

It is evident in the primers, specially formulated for different skin types. It is also apparent in the custom highlighter drops that you can blend with any product you want.

KVD Vegan Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty prides itself on having 100% vegan ingredients in all products. It means there are no animal by-products and no testing done on animals." For example, it does not use carmine, and all products have plant-based fats, plant-based waxes, and oils like sunflower oil. From nail polish to moisturiser, every cosmetic of KVD is cruelty-free.

It has edgy packaging with bold colours that are homage to its founder's history as a tattoo artist. In addition, it has a high coverage in complexion products.


Making an ethical action plan for non-essential products like cosmetics is daunting. But some great vegan brands make 100% cruelty-free beauty products. The brands mentioned above produce excellent beauty products that you must try.

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