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7 Security Alarms That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

7 Security Alarms That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

7 Security Alarms That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

The IoT (Internet of Things)  has made setting up a smart home much easier. With your smartphones, you can remotely control lights, door locks, vacuums, and even lawnmowers. In addition, it made home monitoring a simple and affordable task. You can check it from anywhere at any time. Then, depending on your needs, you can pick a security system to manage yourself.

You can also pay subscription fees to professionals for a 24/7 survey of your home. Then, they can contact police or local fire departments when the security alarm triggers. If you want a reliable security system, several options are available to monitor your nest from your smartphone. Here are the seven best security alarms you can purchase from sites like on online shopping sites that can make your life better:


SimpliSafe home security system offers both professional monitoring service and easy installation. You fully control your home security system, from the device you pick to optional professional monitoring. It has five preselected equipment packages, starting from approx £300 to £500. Skip the packages and build your system if you do not like one.

In contrast to SimpliSafe’s American security packages, it includes an indoor security camera in every UK package. This inclusion is an intelligent move as visual confirmation is necessary for police response.

Yale Sync Smart Home

The Yale Sync Smart Home package is a wonderful choice if you like a smart, simple system with geolocation services. But you can not receive professional monitoring, and third party automation is also limited. Also, its starter kit costs less than equipment packages. It includes a door/ window sensor, external siren, keypad, and wireless motion detector.

Its 14-piece All-in-One Kit features a camera, multiple sensors, and a key fob for around £50. After purchasing Yale equipment, you can access the mobile app and control your system anytime from anywhere. In addition, the Yale Sync system is super easy to arm and disarm, and you don’t have to pull out your key fob.

Abode Smart Security Kit

Abode’s security system is a good choice because of its compatibility with more than 160 smart home products. For example, you can connect Yale’s security cameras and locks with Lifx or Philips Hue smart lights. In addition, you can set it up so that when you leave home, the security system arms itself and turns off lights and speakers.

The siren will go off without a delay when anything triggers the door, window, or motion sensors. In addition, it sends an alert to your smartphone. You can buy a monthly subscription that ranges from £3.59 to £17.99, but its basic plan does not include the home automation feature.

Somfy Home Alarm Video Kit

It is the loudest smart alarm system with 112 decibels. When sensors activate, sirens quickly sound. Moreover, its motion sensors are adjustable for pets. In addition, this security alarm system includes an external siren and a dummy siren that goes on to discourage burglars.

Amazon Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit

The Amazon Ring Alarm kit is a top smart wireless alarm system available with five, seven, nine, or ten-piece kits. In addition, you can tailor the security setup depending on your home size. Its basic five-piece kit contains a base station, motion detector, keypad, range extender, and contact sensor.

The larger kits do not have new accessories, but you will receive four contact sensors and three motion detectors. Moreover, these kits work well with selected Alexa devices to enable voice control. You can also combine ring devices with these kits via the Ring app.

Arlo Ultra 4K, 3 Camera Kit

While we focus on kits including different sensors, you can set up a comprehensive security alarm system using cameras and motion detection. If you go with Arlo’s winning wifi security camera, you will get sharp 4K detail for day and night. If you choose three or four cameras, you can have enough to cover indoor and outdoor areas.

It will send motion alerts to the smartphone and can detect whether an animal, person, or car caused any movement. This feature is part of the free one-year “cloud video storage subscription plan.”


It is a small ceiling-mounted indoor smart alarm with a motion detector and siren. It has a design suitable to cover only one room, so it would be best to put it in an entrance hallway. It is simple to arm or disarm, and the motion detection is accurate through a responsive siren. In addition, it lets you know when other alarms go off, like a CO2 or smoke detector.

Most homes will need several Minut devices to watch the entire property. So, it can be a bit pricey.

Bonus Tips 

Regular maintenance is necessary with any security alarm as it highlights or reduces defects and gives you peace of mind. The company will check your alarm once a year if you get an alarm maintenance contract. It can be either done remotely or by a professional visiting your home.  

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