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9 Affordable Designer Handbags Brands in 2022

9 Affordable Designer Handbags Brands in 2022

9 Affordable Designer Handbags Brands in 2022


Handbags are a statement, self-expression, and very functional. So, if you love to accessorise yourself with stylish handbags, you can start with affordable handbag brands. They are durable, classy, and a fashion symbol.

So, if you are looking for high-end luxury handbags that are affordable, then you've landed at the right place. So let's have a look at some affordable yet luxury handbag lists!

tory Burch

#1 Kate Spade

Kate Spade is a popular name on the luxury handbag brands list. Kate Spade started this brand in 1993 in a small boutique in the SoHo neighbourhood of Manhattan. It has many fashion houses with handbags. 

Also, it features clothing, jewellery, shoes, stationery, baby products, bedding, and fragrances. The brands signature is r unique, modern, and minimalistic pop colours and functional structures. The work bags collection "Margaux" is a famous crossbody bag collection for office ladies.

#2 Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is a global name in the arena of luxury handbags. Rebecca and her brother Uri Minkoff founded this brand in 2005 in New York City. The "Morning After Bag" launched in 2005 became an iconic handbags symbol. The range is between $95-$378. 

She also boasts Bohemian prints, representing women's confidence, free spirit and freedom. The handbags are made of genuine leather. The leathers are nubuck, pebble, distress, saffiano and vachette. It imparts thickness and long life to these luxury handbags. Rebecca Minkoff is one of the most versatile luxury handbag brands, providing a broad spectrum for choice.

#3 Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is an American Fashion designer. Marc by Marc Jacobs has very affordable luxury handbags, which range from $135 - $425. The brand is famous for high street small, durable and valuable bags. Their collection "Snapshot" is quite popular, having small, practical, and American-style bags.

#4 Tory Burch

If you're an admirer of Graphic prints, bold colours and unique details, then Tory Burch is for you. It's been running luxury designer handbags since 2004 in New York City. There are over 3000 departments and stores of Tory Burch globally. It comprises shoes, luxury handbags, accessories, watches, fragrances, beauty collection and a lot more

#5 Vasic

Ranging from $25-$530, Vasic is a very young handbag brand running since 2014. A former hairstylist Kanoko Mizua started it in New York City and Tokyo. The motto is to create a "The Standard Handbag". The collection has a blend of Japanese and American styles. 

The peculiar characteristics of bags are geometric patterns and classic styles. The designs have a canvas and fine basket weaves. It represents women's lifestyle with signature elements, colours, playful material, and clean drawings.  

#6 Coach

Coach, running since 1941, offers a great range in its products. The beginning of the brand is set by a family-run workshop in a loft in Manhattan . Six talented artisans started a collection of leather bags. 

The next generation inherited this trait, making it a successful luxury brand. They have affordable designer bags and reflect “Classic American Styles” with price point ranging from from $100 to $1000. Well known for their simplicity, durability and style, the brand has been ruling the designer handbags for 80 years 

#7 Michael Kors

Michael Kors offer a flexible range of luxury handbags ranging from $100 to $1000. The company aims to design traditional, classic, fashionable, noble, but not extra fancy bags.

Michael Kors Collection, MICHAEL Michael Kors and Michael Kors Mens are the company's labels. This handbag design brand has been running since 1981. The designs are spotty and very young. It has Asian and European styles and is very popular in these continents. 

#8 By Far

It's the most trendy brand on the Luxury handbag brands list. Founded by twin sisters Sabrina and Valentina and their best friend and sister-in-law Denitsa, it's a Bulgarian brand. 

A young brand set in 2016 is on every girl's bucket list. Famous Bollywood- Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra publicises and uses this brand for its pop look.You will find the price tag ranging from $305 to $690, which is quite affordable.

#9 Furla

An Italian handbag company will not break your bank as it provides affordable handbag brands. The Furla line includes leather mini bags, satchels and backpacks from about $250 to $1000. It's a competitive fraction of price when compared to other brands. The designs are very contemporary and stylish. 

Bonus Tips

So, your dream of owning a luxury handbag is not a dream anymore as this luxury handbag brands list is the answer. So while picking up the bag, make sure it is vegan leathers if it concerns you. 

Also, check if the handbag is comfortable to carry and has pockets which suit you. It must be durable and should go with your style of dress sense. You can also look for flexible bags, which are convertible from tote bags to shoulder bags or crossbody bags. So, have a happy shopping.

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