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9 Best and Stylish Summer Hats for Men

9 Best and Stylish Summer Hats for Men

9 Best and Stylish Summer Hats for Men



A hat is a kind of accessory that you wear all year round. However, the only thing that changes with seasons is the style of your hat. For example, you focus on keeping the head warm in winters. In contrast, you wear it to get shade from the sun in summers. So, with the arrival of the summer season, you start looking for some perfect hats to keep your look cool.

Various online websites and local stores are full of baseball caps, trucker hats, fedoras, and everything you need in the summers. Therefore, no wonder you might feel overwhelmed while shopping. To ease your confusion, here is a list of the best and stylish summer hats for men:

Sunday Adventure Hats

There is no better option than Sunday adventure hats when you think about hiking. They are perfect for trails as they are lightweight and have other suitable features for hikers. This hat has mesh panels strategically placed around the crown area to allow proper airflow and avoid sweat building.

In addition, this hat has a neck cape providing full coverage to your head's back. You can easily hook up this cape to the hat to improve breathability while hiking in the woods.

Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is also popular with the name hat attack-washed cotton crusher. It is suitable for travellers who might not have proper time to pack their garments before hitting their trip. This bucket hat is wrinkle-proof and made from crushed cotton. So, you can use it without giving any signs of wear. Moreover, it does need dry cleaning. But, instead, you can machine wash or hand wash it anytime.

Straw Panama Hats

Panama hats are one of the best options to wear in the summers. Its lightweight material and wide brim offer you good sun protection. Although some of you like to wear these hats with formal attire, Panama hats are most suitable for leisure, tropics, and vacation. Therefore, you can pick the Panama hat for the holidays.

Classic Fedora Dress Hats

Classic fedora hats have been men's famous dress hats for several years. So if you plan to look perfect for any evening event, then you can complete your appearance with the fedora dress hat. Moreover, it is a good investment. You can not only wear it in the summer evenings, but you can also wear it in spring and fall. The best thing is it comes in 10 impressive and unique colours.

Bluetooth Knit Beanie for Men 

Are you worried about leaving your place for jogging without headphones? If yes, then look for a  beanie that has built-in Bluetooth. It allows you to make calls or play music without compromising your head protection. Also, if it gets dirty no need to worry; you can remove the headphones easily for machine wash.

The Baseball Cap

Regardless of his age, every man has at least one of these caps in his closet. It looks cool with casual jeans and a t-shirt while you go shopping or outing with friends. This cap is also popular with the name snapback. It has a flat brim in front with a rounded crown. In addition, it has adjustable straps at the back.

Summer Pork Pie Hats

Though pork pie hats are very stylish, they require some confidence from you. They are famous as the hat of choice for the character Walter White. He was the main character of Breaking Bad. People use them a little less commonly than Panama hats or fedoras. But if you wear them, they give you a chance to stand out among the crowd. These hats look extremely elegant, yet they add a class to your appearance. 

Newsboy Hat

It is similar to a working man's cap. Men from Europe and North America have ordinarily worn flat hats since the  20th century. Then, during the 1910s and 1920s, these hats became a tradition for lower-classmen.

But now it is not only worn by people for namesake. Instead, farmers, shipwrights, and dock workers also wear them. In addition, you can see various big shots like Brad Pit and David Beckham sporting these unique hats.

Beams Plus Army Hat

Besides cargo pants, army hats are also stylish pieces commandeered from an Army. Based on the US Army, these hats from the 1930s and '40s undoubtedly give an old-school American GI cool look. 

Bonus Tips

A hat is an excellent sun protection element, and it can make you look extremely handsome if you choose the right piece. It complements well with a leather wallet and matching men's belt. As wearing hats is the latest trend thanks to celebrities, you must look for the perfect piece for you.

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