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Best Apple Pencil Cover to Buy In 2022

Best Apple Pencil Cover to Buy In 2022

Best Apple Pencil Cover to Buy In 2022


Apple pencil is a fantastic tool for creativity and people who love handwritten stuff. This digital pencil feels like a regular pencil. It lets you draw, sketch, and prepare notes with many additional features on the iPad. 

This delicate piece of technology requires some care. So, if you're looking for valid reasons to invest in an apple pencil cover, then you're at the right place. Also, discover some great picks for Apple pencil covers in this article.

Reasons for Buying Apple Pencil Cover


The valid reasons for vouching for good apple pencil covers are:

  • The Apple pencil covers provide a firm grip on the apple pencil. The texture of good Apple pen covers are tremendous, and it avoids slipping off the pencil.
  • If you're someone who uses an apple pencil for a long duration, you need an apple pencil cover or stand. It helps you hold the pencil for a longer time, without tiredness for a smooth workflow.
  • Apple pencil tip is very delicate. So, you have to keep the junk away from this pointy tip. For that, you need an Apple Pencil cover tip.
  • Also, the Apple pencil is quite slippery, and it rolls down off the table. So a good cover can avoid this issue.
  • An Apple pencil protective case can hold all the accessories of an Apple pencil. It's a safe option for keeping all your tech valuables.

Best Apple Pencil Covers 2022

Here are some top picks:

Apple Pencil Case


It's a protective case Apple has designed. The material of the Apple case is leather which is quite durable and fall-proof. It covers the whole of the pencil, giving you no window to show off its looks. You can place your apple pencil on the table, bags and cupboards with this protective case. It's available in many colours and is a good option for an apple pencil cover.

Fintie Sleeve


Fintie sleeve is an excellent Apple Pencil Cover, one among the best sellers. The material is vegan leather and comes with an elastic strap. You can use this strap to tie your Apple pencil around your ipad pro, ipad mini etc. The bonus is a little slot for the USB adapter at the bottom of the sleeve. The sleeves come in twenty-three colours and exciting patterns. 



The silicone FRTMA apple pencil cover comes with magnets. So you can attach the Apple pencil to your iPAd Pro or any magnet friendly element. The silicon gives a firm grip, avoids slipping and helps you use Apple Pencil for a longer duration. It's available in many exciting colours and looks fabulous.

Aunote Smart Case


Aunote Apple pencil case is the answer to all your Apple pencil accessories. There are different sections for keeping Apple pencil, power adapter, charging cable, or pencil tips. Also, you can keep your AirPods in it. 

It's spacious enough to include all the tech accessories. The material of Apple pencil covers PU and EVA materials and has a sealing metal double zipper. So, protect your pencil with this fantastic Apple pencil cover, a one-stop solution for all your apple pencils and accessories.

FRTMA 2 in 1 nip Protector and Writer


It's an excellent Apple pencil cover tip. The nib is non-slip, sensitive and very precise. It protects the nib from physical damage like falling or hitting any unwanted substance. In addition, it has a silicone cushion which gives a smooth and silent writing or drawing experience. Also, it minimises scratches on the iPad Pro screen and provides a firm grip. So, protect your nib with this fantastic Apple Pencil cover tip.

Uppercase Designs Apple Pencil Stand


It's an Apple pencil holder and gives a very office look to your table. It's perfect for users who use Apple pencils for long hours. Don't place your pencil here and there, as this stand is the ideal docking station. A weighted aluminium keeps it secure on your desk. It's compatible with both apple pencils, and you can rest your pencil in this without any worry.

Belkin Case and Stand

It's both a protective case and a stand for Apple pencils. Belkin makes many accessories for Apple products, which stands out too. Belkin case and stand have individual compartments for all the accessories for a more organised approach. 

There is a place for a lightning adapter, pencil cap, and extra pencil tip along with an Apple pencil. You can put your Apple pencil in stand mode while you're pausing the work for a brief time. You can resume as soon as you pick it up from the stand. 

Bonus Tips

So, now you must have realised the importance of Apple pencil covers. They are available in all types of Apple Pencil cover tips, sleeves, grip covers, stands and cases. So, look for what suits you best. Also, never use your Apple pencil below 10% and leave it in running state. Keep your Apple pencil charged and new your iPad for longer life. Have fun writing and drawing!

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