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Different Types of Coffee Makers. Which One is Best for You?

Different Types of Coffee Makers. Which One is Best for You?

Different Types of Coffee Makers. Which One is Best for You?

Coffee is a popular beverage in the world. So, it is common to have a coffee maker in your kitchen. However, there are numerous ways to brew it at home. Everyone's tastes or preferences are different, so there are various ways to brew your favourite drink accordingly.

The best thing is that these coffee makers do not cost a fortune. You can purchase one as per your preference from  a shopping site. Then, you can brew a cup easily as per your liking without breaking the bank. Here are different types of coffee makers you can choose from:

Drip Coffee Makers

Drip coffee makers have been popular electric appliances in UK households because they are easy to use, affordable, and durable. You can quickly produce four cups of coffee at a time. In addition, some drip coffee makers feature a brewing system like a hot water dispenser or single-serve brewer.

It is the best option for families or traditionalists. In this coffee maker, coffee does not rest on the heating element. Instead, it brews into a vacuum-sealed insulated carafe designed to keep coffee hot for hours.

French Press Coffee Maker

It works by steeping coffee grounds in just-boiled water to prepare a full-bodied coffee cup. The more you steep your coffee, the stronger the flavour will be. It is the best option for coffee lovers who love the rich coffee taste or want to bring out the high-quality coffee flavour.

Thermal Coffee Makers

Thermal coffee machines work similarly to drip coffee brewers. But it has the unique advantage of coffee brewing into an insulated thermal carafe. So, it keeps the coffee hot for a long time without continuing to "cook" it as it sits on a heated surface.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

This coffee brewing machine has above 5000 positive reviews on eCommerce websites like Amazon. People like it because it is easy to clean and quick. It can help you to make Espressos or Americanos. In addition, it can also allow you to make a cold brew coffee by steeping the grounds for a minute instead of 10 seconds. It is the best option for strong coffee lovers who want to make a quick one coffee cup at a time.

Espresso Machines

The espresso coffee machine is a bit expensive type of coffee maker, but it tends to be finicky and labour-intense. However, if you grasp the technique, it can be worth spending money for a die-hard espresso lover. Or if you can successfully extract the rich and delicious shots of brew.


These coffee makers are fun to operate and listen to while they steam away in the brewing process. Also, they tend to make a consistently flavourful and hearty coffee pot. But they have a few more parts to clean and assemble than other machines.

Pod Coffee Machines

These are usually single-serve coffee makers that brew with sealed pre-ground coffee capsules. During brewing, these capsules get punctured and allow hot water to flow through and extract coffee. Though many brands make capsule-compatible makers, Keurig and Nespresso style are the two biggest companies.

Nespresso coffee machines use small and hermetically sealed aluminium capsules. While brewing, they puncture capsules and pump pressurised water into them until coffee bursts out. In contrast, Keurig makers use large plastic capsules and gently let water flow through them, similar to an automatic coffee machine. As a result, they produce coffee like drip coffee with a watered-down taste.

Stovetop Coffee Maker

A stovetop Moka pot is a popular coffee brewer that makes a dark brew comparable to espresso. But, it does not qualify as espresso because of the least usage of the necessary nine bars of pressure. Still, it produces a very dark coffee cup. However, you can use it as a solid base for lattes and cappuccinos. It is the best option for Espresso lovers who prefer a deep and dark coffee cup.

Turkish Coffee Maker (Ibrik)

You can make Turkish/Greek coffee on the stove using a small pot. This technique produces very strong and unfiltered coffee. Some people prefer to add sugar or different seasonings like cardamom or cinnamon to the pot while brewing to infuse the flavour. You can enjoy it from a small cup-like espresso. It is the best option for those who like strong coffee that is easy and quick to make.

Siphon Coffee Machines

These are also known as vacuum pot coffee makers. They may not be practical for daily use because of their many fragile parts. Moreover, they need an unusual amount of labour and time for brewing each pot. But many Siphon pot users recommended them as they produce unusually great-tasting coffee. Moreover, They can be great as a showpiece while entertaining or brewing for houseguests.

Final Thoughts

You can see that there are different types of coffee machines. So, find the right one for your taste to consistently hit your flavour sweet spot.


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