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PS5 vs. PS4: Overall comparison

PS5 vs. PS4: Overall comparison

PS5 vs. PS4: Overall Comparison

By: Hamza Khalid

The Sony PlayStation 5 is a significant upgrade over the PlayStation; having an amazing framework, higher resolution, and faster processor. Every game lover out there is worried about specs and design differences between PS4 and PS5 and we can see a lot of commentary about this topic. 

The most important thing to know is that Sony’s newest press” PS5” has replaced the PS4 and PS4 Pro because of its amazing and upgraded features. With a better CPU, GPU, and an internal SSD, the PS5 is, overall a whole blessing.

To solve your all queries, we have everything from design to specs in this article. So let’s start comparing PS5 vs PS4.

PS5 vs. PS4 Specs


The CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (plates processing unit) work altogether to deliver the stylish games that we all love to play. You can determine them as power and performance. The GPU creates and renders every image you have seen onscreen, and the CPU performs numerous computations to keep everything running.

The GPU on the PS5 is an immense upgrade, having nearly double or indeed triple the specs at times and having nearly 10 times the raw Bomb performance. PS5 potentially renders games at 8K resolution and indeed supports 120 FPS. On the other hand, the PS4 can hit 4K at 60 FPS.


Memory and Storage

When we talk about the memory of PS5 it's 16GB GDDR6 which is far greater than PS4(8GB GDDR5). This means PS5 claims further RAM (16 GB vs 8 GB), can display advanced frame rates (120 fps vs 60 fps), and sports a brisk GPU (2.23 GHz vs0.8 GHz).

The PS5 has a custom 825 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) which is another advantage over PS4. The PS4 uses a slower, mechanical 500 GB Hard Slice Drive (HDD), which loads games up to 19 times slower than the PS5, according to Sony's computations. The PS5 also comes with the new Dual Sense regulator, which has new and exclusive features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to truly immerse you in your games.

PS5 vs. PS4 Price

Sony's PS5 costs $499.99, while the Digital Edition comes in at$399.99. The PS5 brings $100 further than the PS4 Pro launch cost of $399– but that is to be anticipated.

But if you are looking for your press to be brand new, the PS5 and its all-digital counterpart are backward compatible and similar, while they’re a more precious, and presumably better option in the long run. PS5 is no doubt the best choice with the current geography of videotape games at an affordable price.

PS5 vs. PS4 Features

Dual Sense Regulator

The PS5 also comes supplied with Sony's rearmost Dual-sense regulator, which delivers lesser absorption through an enhanced sense of touch. The regulator also boasts an entangled mic, so you do not certainly need a gaming headset to converse online.

Audio and Visuals

PS5 features a new audio machine known as Tempest 3D. It delivers satisfying 3D audio, which can be enjoyed through Sony's Palpitation 3D headset or, when plugged into the Dual-sense regulator, any standard brace of wired headphones. This really is a big deal in terms of making immersive, cinematic sound available to everyone. Also, PS5 supports 4K videos (120Hz + 8K) with tempest 3D audio.


PS5 design is just similar a departure from Sony's usual approach with its two-tone color scheme and its twisted advanced shape.

PS5 colors

The PS5 is also the biggest press Sony has ever made. The PS4, looks more like a traditional press and is slim, light at3.3 kg, and not in the least controversial. The PS5's gigantic size does give it one significant advantage over the PS4, though it's virtually silent, and produces a minimum quantum of heat, too.

PS5 vs. PS4 Games

PS5 has several games that will be exclusive to the coming- world. While Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales and Horizon Interdicted West are also available on PS4. On the other hand, God of War 2 and Final Fantasy 16 will be available on PS5 only. So if you are each about access to the rearmost and topmost, it's worth noting that the PS5 will have the lead on that front for some games.

PS5 vs. PS4

The PS4 has exclusive games, including God of War, Until Dawn, Uncharted 4, and more. No worries, you’ll be suitable to play those games on your PS5 with a more amazing outlook and interface. That’s the amazing feature of PS5. With backward comity in mind, all of your old PS4 games will still work on PS5.
Indeed, both play stations have an abundance of games, but PS5 is the best choice if you want an amazing visual experience and interface.

PS5 vs. PS4: Which One is Better?

There's no confusion that between these two consoles, the PS5 is superior in nearly every aspect. With far more advanced technology and the capability to play your old PS4 games, it's an easy choice. Not only does the PS5 system have superior CPUs and GPUs, but its SSD is also significantly brisk.

In short, PS5 is extensively more important than both PS4 Pro and PS4. Let us know in the comment section below, and be sure to relate to our PS5 companion for further information.

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