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Things to Consider When Buying a Mask

Things to Consider When Buying a Mask

The coronavirus or Covid19 pandemic has made us conscious of good sanitation in life. It has taught us the importance of hygiene and why it should be maintained even when the pandemic ends! Out of all the things that have become important nowadays (like sanitisers, social distancing, etc.), one thing that tops the list is masks.

None of us can even imagine stepping out of the home without a mask on. Not only does it keep us safe from the virus, but it also protects us from dust, pollution, or any other air-borne infectious germs. Put simply, it targets two things at once for our well-being.

But, what to consider when buying a mask for yourself? If you are wondering so, then here's a checklist to help you out:

Mask Fabrics

Fabric is one of the most crucial elements of a mask. That's because the size of the holes on it can affect the mask filtration efficacy. If the mask fabric has larger holes, there are chances of more contaminants and virus droplets passing through it.

So, you need to make sure that the fabric of the mask has smaller holes. It's best to go for densely and tightly woven masks as they have little holes. Just like that, stay away from masks made with knit materials or any t-shirts as they can stretch. Once that happens, the holes could get bigger.

Experts recommend people to use masks made of cotton and chiffon/natural silk as they are useful for filtering aerosols and infected droplets. You can shop for the mask from online store like SaveOnCells.

Mask Fitting

Masks that are loose on your face are of no use. You should buy a mask that covers half of your face, including the nose, mouth, and chin. It should not have any openings and should be adjusted to fit. If you have bought a mask earlier, you must have got an idea of your ideal mask size.

But if not, then you can measure the middle of the chin to the bridge of your nose. Similarly, you can repeat the same from your right to left cheekbone. This will give you an idea of your mask size. Mask sizes are available from XXS to L.

Fabric Layering

There is no point in wearing a mask if it doesn't have proper layering. That's because layering is useful for providing effective filtration and stopping the virus spread.

Although layering is important, we all know how uncomfortable and suffocating it can be at times! That's why it's important to choose a mask layering that has the right proportion of filtration and breathability. For that, you can choose masks with two fabric layers.

Surgical masks, for example, are great for offering both! You wouldn't find it uncomfortable, plus they are effective. Meanwhile, stay away from synthetic masks as they can trap heat and make it tough for you to breathe easily.

Go for Mask with Ear Loops

Masks with ear loops are more convenient than the ones that you have to tie behind the head. It's easy to wear and doesn't take much of your time. In fact, it's also the best option for kids as those masks don't fall off easily. Make sure to select a high-quality mask so that the ear loop doesn't tear off.

Presently, you can get ear loop options for surgical masks too. But, if you think that ear loops are putting too much strain on your ears, feel free to switch to tie-up masks!


While choosing a mask for yourself, check for its reusability too! With the recurring pandemic waves and awful pollution, you will have to wear masks daily now. So, why spend money on recurrent purchases when you can buy one good mask that's washable, reusable, and lasting.

One of the best reusable mask types for the present situation would be N95 masks. Not just for reusability, but N95 masks are also popular for their outstanding filtration and protection efficiency. They can filter around 95% of dust and pollution to keep you safe.

You can also get a better mask version than N95, i.e. N99 mask. Although they are more effective, these masks are comparatively less breathable than N95 masks. So, make sure to select them at your convenience.

Some other reusable mask types include cloth masks and barrier face masks.

Nose Wires

Nose wires are useful to prevent any holes from forming once you wear the mask. You just have to press the wires on the nose bridge gap, and it will secure your nose perfectly. Nose wires are common in surgical masks, cloth face masks, N95, and fitted face masks.

Note: While masks with exhalation valves are quite common, it's best to avoid them as they allow the unfiltered breath to escape from the mask.


So, these are the things to keep in mind when buying a mask. Besides this, if you wear glasses, make sure to buy a mask where you can put your glasses over the top of it. That way, you will be safe from any gaps/openings. Also, there wouldn't be any fogging due to inhalation.

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