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11 Best Valentine Gift Ideas For Her Under $20

11 Best Valentine Gift Ideas For Her Under $20

11 Best Valentine Gift Ideas For Her Under $20

Are you looking for some outstanding valentine gift ideas for her? Then, stay put, as we have got you covered! Valentine's day is all about pleasing your lady love. So there's no compromising from that side! But, ofcourse, things have to be good and within your budget. That's because why settle for something unnecessary and expensive when you can get the best gifts at an affordable price. To guide you through, here's the best valentine's gift under $20 for your beau:

#1 Books for the Romantic Bibliophile

If your lady love is a bookworm then what's a better gift than a classic book by their favourite author? You must know the genres and writers they are fond of. However, if you don't know (bummer), don't worry! You can go for romantic classics like Pride and Prejudice ( Jane Austen) or The Notebook ( Nicholas Sparks). For something new, you can go for Red, White & Royal Blue (Casey McQuiston) or The Love Hypothesis (Ali Hazelwood).

#2 Bracelets for the Glamorous Lady!

Ladies love armlets! Be it with stones, beads, charms, or just metals; they are highly fond of such wearables. Thus, it makes a great valentines gift for wife. There are numerous options like cuffs, handmade (for that personalised touch), or chain links! However, choose the bracelet that matches their style. Make sure to search through the online eCommerce websites to get decent values on the products.

#3 Necklaces with Initials for the Jewel Lover

To celebrate your never-ending love story, how about gifting a necklace that features both your initials? Nowadays, you can get well-adorned initial-implanted jewels at affordable rates in your favourite plate colour. Be it chain links or vibrant hues; the options are endless. However, choose a necklace as per the style, trend, or clothing neckline.

#4 Bags with Fun Prints for the Quirky Miss

For someone who loves prints and colours, it's worth giving a bag that features the same. You can select handbags with prints of emojis, fruits, and flowers on a vibrant coloured bag surface. However, make sure to select jute handbags to give a sustainable touch to the gift.

#5 Lightbox to Woo, her Soul

For something gleaming and bright, you can give her a lightbox. There are numerous lightbox themes available, starting from the letters to the glowing moon. You can also customise the lightbox with different colours, names, or special dates. Try this idea: Think about a special day (could be anything starting from the first day you met, kissed, or date night). Then, customise it on the lightbox with your initials and pictures.

#6 Little Bonsai for the Botanist

If she loves plants, a little bonsai will make a great valentine gift. You can choose from tree varieties like Chinese elm, Azalea, or Ginseng. Besides being reasonable, they look absolutely stunning and captivating on the shelves.

#7 Customised Apron for the MasterChef

Is your ladylove a chef? Or maybe she likes to cook! Then what's better than a customised apron for a valentine gift? You can modify their aprons by adding names and logos. These are perfect for both home and professional use. You can also add quotes or one-liners for that quirky touch.

#8 Wine Glass Set for the Lady Boozer

If she likes to enjoy her wine, get her the perfect wine glass set. You can select the wine set as per the variety she prefers. If she likes red wine, go for glasses with rounded bowls. Likewise, for white wine, go for U-shaped bowl glasses. Ensure that it's easy to hold and made with premium material. You can go for Williams Sonoma glasswares as they have suitable varieties.

#9 Personalised Chocolates for the Sweet Tooth

Nothing's better than personalised valentine's day chocolates for a chocolate-lover girlfriend. It combines their favourites with your unique idea! So you know they are going to love it. You can personalise these chocolates in any shape (heart shaped would be better for V.day), flavours (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, etc.), or sizes. Besides, you can get it modified with names or pictures too!

#10 Hoodies for the Comfy Lover

For romantic valentine gifts, how about a comfortable boyfriend hoodie that reminds her of you! Besides, oversized clothes are in fashion. They look super cute and are perfect for styling boots. So, your gift will be absolutely in style.

#11 Travel Pillow for the Wanderer

We will be wrapping our list of valentine gifts under $20 with a travel pillow. Besides being warm and comfortable, these pillows are perfect for offering neck support while traveling. Travellers tend to face neck pains, so if she is a wanderer, this pillow can feel as cozy as your shoulder. Make sure to choose unique prints on the pillow for appealing visuals.


That's all! Additionally, you can also try other gifts like bath bombs, gift sets, gift cards, or romantic weighted blankets. Now that you know some of the fantastic valentine gift for girlfriend, go get something to please your sweetheart. Happy Valentine's Day!

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