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5 Best Body Lotion for Dryness

5 Best Body Lotion for Dryness

There are various essential aspects of everyday grooming routines necessary for overall health. The common one is the regular usage of SPF to prevent sensitive skin from any damage. However, you often forget to pay proper attention to your body's largest organ. But it needs care like other parts of your body. Yes, here we are discussing skin conditions. But you can use an effective body lotion for dryness. So, let us know more about body lotions. 

Reasons for a Dry Skin

You may have dry skin because of the following reasons:

  • If you are above 40 years, you will most likely have skin dryness.
  • You might probably suffer from skin dryness if you have a fair skin tone.
  • If your job involves excess exposure to water, you will indeed have dry skin.
  • If you live in too dry or too cold places, you will have dry skin.
  • Smokers or people with any exposure to smoke have dry skin.

Effectiveness of Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Use body lotions if you want to lock moisture in your dry skin. They prevent your skin from drying. However, most lotions are not as effective as ointments. But nowadays, various companies are making oil-in-water moisturisers that work well for all skin types. These moisturisers help in skin rehydration and treating keratosis pilaris.

How to Select the Body Lotion for Dry and Itchy Skin?

Before buying any lotion, always remember that the body wash can also worsen your skin. So, always purchase a mild body wash and avoid exfoliating cleansers that increase dryness. The following are things you should keep in mind while buying a body lotion from a market or online store like SaveOnCells:

  • Look for a Hero Product: If you can’t smell a lotion, you will most likely not buy it. It means you might get stuck with extreme skin dryness. There is a big difference between products. You can purchase a fancy body lotion, but there is no need for it. Even drugstore brands are suitable for treating skin dryness.
  • Go Through the List of Ingredients: Shea butter, glycerin, ceramides, lactic acid, and cocoa butter are some of the ingredients that every good lotion must-have. Other than these ingredients, Hyaluronic acid, colloidal oatmeal, urea, petrolatum, and dimethicone are good to lock in moisture. Though a good scent can energise or relax you, added fragrances can cause skin irritation. So, pick a fragrance-free formula for sensitive skin.
  • Test, if Required: Has your skin reacted to any moisturiser in the past? If yes, it would be best to perform patch testing before using new body cream on the whole body. Try it in a small area on your arm or leg for a couple of days. If there is no reaction, you can apply it to the entire body.

Best Body Lotion for Dryness

Below are some dermatologist-approved body lotions to keep your skin feeling soft:

Sili Drunk Elephant Body Lotion

If you like the skincare products of Drunk Elephant, make sure to purchase its body lotion. It contains hydrating squalene, shea butter, and glycerin. They together help to replenish the natural barrier of the skin. This long-lasting formula keeps limbs well-hydrated with time. It even soothes skin itching or inflammation.

NIVEA Q10 Power 60+ Firming and Nourishing Lotion

Do you want to boost the moisture level of your skin? If yes, this silky body lotion with argan oil is your product. It left skin 24 hours hydrated and managed to keep bumps and scaly skin. In addition, it calms redness leaving skin soft and nourished. This paraben-free lotion effectively works overnight.

La Roche Posay Lipikar Body Lotion

Are you prone to eczema flare-ups? If yes, this gentle lotion will surely soothe your skin. It contains fatty acids, glycerin, and other effective ingredients that instantly improve scaly skin. Moreover, it gently exfoliates and gets absorbed in the skin quickly.

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Softening Lotion

It is an affordable body lotion enriched with coconut oil, probiotic actives, and shea butter to give long-lasting skin hydration. It has a light and pleasant texture that blends instantly without leaving any greasy residue. It impressively leaves skin feeling soft after application.

Sun Bum After Sun Cool Down body Lotion

If you spend maximum time in sun exposure, your skin can feel irritated and dehydrated. This body lotion is a vitamin E, aloe cocktail, and cocoa butter blend. It restores moisture balance in the skin. Once you apply this lotion to the body, it instantly soothes or calms the irritation. In addition, it quenches dryness, glides smoothly, and provides long-lasting hydration.

Bonus Tips

Skin dryness is a common problem seen in people. It happens when your skin can not retain natural oil or enough water. So, choose a good body lotion for dryness. It will help to lock moisture to rehydrate your skin.


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