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8 Best Aftershave for men for Healthy Skin

8 Best Aftershave for men for Healthy Skin

Do you experience redness, open pores, acne or other skin problems after shaving? Well, it's because you don't nourish your skin and leave the open pores untreated after shaving. So, you must apply a good quality aftershave, whether you're new to shaving or regularly do it. It soothes your skin and keeps all the skin problems away.

Start today by exploring the 8 best electric shavers for men. So, let's look at these products available on any popular e-commerce website.

Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm (Best Overall)

The alcohol-free formula of Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm soothes skin post-shaving. It's the best pick as it provides sufficient moisturisation and keeps skin healthy. In addition, it resolves irritation, skin drying out, micro-cuts, burning, itching issue spots and shaving.

It doesn't feel sticky and greasy as the consistency is quite light. In addition, it's powered with Vitamin E and Chamomile extract for supple and youthful skin. So, treat your open pores after shaving with this formula by Nivea, which is mild, rejuvenating and suits all skin types.

Proraso After Shave Lotion, Refreshing and Toning (Acne Prone Skin)

It's one of the best aftershave lotions for oily skin. It has hazel, eucalyptus, and methanol formulas to control oil secretion. The ingredients instantly cool and refreshes the skin to give an amazing post shave experience. However, it can be a little drying for normal skin, so they can use a good moisturiser following it.

It balances extra oil and greasiness and stops the growth of bacteria and acne. Dermatologists recommend putting it in a clean damp cloth and then gently applying it to the skin.

Tend Skin Solution

Ingrown hair is a common issue post-shaving and causes lots of trouble. To avoid ingrown hair and treat some, Tend skin solution is a great post-shave solution. It has alcohol which may feel a little drying initially, but the skin gets used to it.

The liquid formula helps control the appearance of razor burn and redness after shaving. So, if you want to avoid or treat the existing ingrown hair, then move to Tend Skin Solution.

Fellow Barber Everyday Tonic (Best for Ageing Symptoms)

After you turn 30, the ability of the skin to shed dead skin becomes slow. It leads to a fine line between ageing and symptoms. So, include Fellow Barber Everyday Tonic. It contains cooling eucalyptus and arnica, which decreases inflammation, and skin-brightening vitamin C.

It comes in a handy pump bottle and is great for slowing down the signs of ageing. So, illuminate and protect your skin post-shaving with this amazing after shave tonic.

The Art of Shaving After Shave Balm

Pamper your skin after a good shave with the goodness of shea butter and aromatic essential oils. It's loved by dermatologists and is a completely alcohol-free formula.

It is clinically tested and very gentle on the skin. It lasts up to eight hours and reduces signs of ageing. It's completely unscented, a very smart buy if you want supple, youthful, healthy skin. Add it to your routine daily for the best results.

After Shave Balm for Men by Bevel

It's a great pick for someone who wants to restore beard care. In addition, it has tea tree oil which helps ingrown hair and bumps. The formula is alcohol-free and very soothing. It deals with irritation, inflammation and any skin problem caused after shaving.

Also, it has Lactic and Salicylic Acids to help exfoliate and even your complexion, while Shea Butter helps moisturise and decrease blemishes. Because it has no alcohol, it doesn't make skin dry and helps in moisturising.

Ursa Major 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic (Oily and Combination Skin)

Having natural glycolic and beta hydroxy acids, the Ursa Major 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic is a blessing for the skin. Skin becomes sensitive after shaving, and some men don't like using alcohol daily. It's an alcohol-free formula which checks oil production but does make skin deprived of essential moisture. So, use this handy tonic after shave; best suited for oily to combination skin.

LE LABO After Shave Balm (Dry Skin)

It's a completely vegan and paraben-free formula that is great for men with dry skin. It's very hydrating, having avocado oil, squalane and niacinamide. It has a very mild fragrance of bergamot which gives some classic feels. A little waxy texture makes it best for hydrating dry skin.

Last but not the Least (Be Consistent)

Being punctual with your skincare routine is the key to healthy skin. Unfortunately, many men ignore skin care because they want to cut the hassle and think it's only for women. However, a good basic skincare routine according to your skin type and concerns can be very beneficial in the long run.
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