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Best Equipment For Home Workout You MUST Buy in 2022

Best Equipment For Home Workout You MUST Buy in 2022

Best Equipment For Home Workout You MUST Buy in 2022

Be it the lingering pandemic or the frequent lockdowns, nowadays, consistent workout sessions in gyms have become tough. This is mainly for fitness enthusiasts who cannot spend a day without intense exercise. However, should these challenges affect your exercise routine? Absolutely not! You can set up a full-fledged gym at home with some equipment. Here's a list of the best work equipment for home workout

(Note: These workout equipment are just a suggestion. Consult your personal trainers before including any equipment/workout in your routine.)

#1 Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are weighted balls made of nylon, leather, polyurethane, etc. They are common equipment used by athletes to build up their strength, stability, coordination, and overall fitness. The typical diameter of this equipment is 14 inches, although there are other options available. They have a variable weight of 1 to 11 kg. 

You can use them for different types of exercise and movements (including static and dynamic movement). The best part about medicine balls is that your floor remains intact, despite dropping them. So, you can use them in your apartment too. Additionally, they have a low risk of injury! 

When you buy a medicine ball for your workout, ensure that the weight and size of the ball render adequate resistance. Likewise, it should not obstruct the workout speed. If you are a beginner, it's best to choose a medicine ball between 1 to 6 kg. 

#2 Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are outstanding equipment for cardiovascular exercises. They are stagnant exercise bikes that help to tone up your lower body. When you pedal on an exercise bike, it works on your quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings. It also affects your back muscles and core. So, it's worth including them in your leg day!

In the market, you can get two types of exercise bikes, i.e. upright and recumbent. While the former resembles a conventional bike, the latter has a different approach with a backrest seat and legs out in front. You can select the right bike as per your fitness goals. However, make sure to check its frequency, comfort, handling, and pedalling action. Ensure that the bike has smooth motions with no jerks.  

Suggestion: As a beginner, start with low speed and increase as you proceed. Also, maintain appropriate postures to prevent any injury or strains. 

#3 Skipping Rope/Jumping Rope

Skipping ropes are one of the best pieces of equipment for a full-body workout. If you do not want the hassle of large machines, this rope is enough to shed those kilos. The thicker cables of these ropes ensure better grip and advanced jumping. As it increases your heart rate, you can get a cardiorespiratory advantage from the same. It is also appropriate equipment for strength training.

While buying a skipping rope, check its length thoroughly. You can do so by keeping your feet in the rope centre. Now, pull it towards yourself and see if the length is appropriate. Make sure that rope cables touch your armpits. Likewise, the skipping rope should have other size adjustment features, comfortable grips, and thick cords made of PVC.

#4 Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are elastic bands that are effective for strength training. They can help you work on those muscle groups while giving an intense touch to other workouts. Through resistance bands, you can work on your body flexibility, mobility and control. They are quite famous for rehabilitation and recovery, especially if you want to work your shoulders and hips.

You can get varieties of resistance bands as per colour codes. Each of these colours implies the tension level of the band. Make sure to mix and match these bands (as per your preference) to add variety to workouts. From double bands to circular bands, there are numerous options available. However, as a beginner, choose the standard long tube secured with handles. Also, it's best to buy a band with padded handles for your convenience.

#5 Adjustable Dumbbell

As the name signifies, Adjustable dumbbells are the type of dumbbells where the weight is adjustable. Depending on your workout, you can increase or decrease the weight of the equipment. However, the maximum/minimum values and flexible mechanisms differ from brand to brand. One of the best things about these adjustable dumbbells is that it does not take up much space. So, it's appropriate for people with smaller households. 

Adjustable dumbbells are quite convenient for strength training. They are also quite portable, which means you can carry them outdoors too. You can change and adjust the weights in a blink! Make sure to buy an adjustable dumbbell that fits your regime. A cost-efficient and beginner-friendly pick would be 0.5-17 kgs weight per dumbbell.

#6 Rowing Machine

The Rowing Machine consists of oar and sliding seats to work on muscles used for rowing. It's one of the best ways to strengthen different body muscles like the core, arms, and legs. It is also an outstanding alternative to activities like cycling and running. You can use the machine for cardiovascular exercise, weight loss, and general well-being. When buying a rowing machine for yourself, make sure to evaluate it precisely. It's recommended to check the noise levels thoroughly, especially if you live in an apartment. Also, ensure it's easy to maintain and store. You can also look for other specific features in rowing machines like comfortable seats, in-built screen positioning, and adjustable foot straps.

#7 Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers are cylindrical foam-filled structures that alleviate muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation. They allow you to massage the painful trigger points (Myofascial Release) through the foam roller. Thus, you can use them as warm-up or cool-down equipment after your workouts. If you include foam rolling in your daily regimes, you may soon feel more flexible. It is also efficient for boosting blood circulation throughout the body. Make sure to check for four things when buying a foam roller, i.e. density, shape, size, and surface texture. 

Some foam rollers may have knobs to implement pressure on target areas, while others may not. These are the ones that have a smooth surface for implementing equal pressure during the massage. Thus, you can select the foam rollers as per the workout intensity you perform. For amateurs, it's best to choose a foam roller with a soft side. However, if you want durable or long-term sustenance, it's best to go for dense rollers.  

#8 Additional Equipments

Besides the ones provided above, you can also include some additional equipment. They are equally helpful to pump up your workout regimes and does not take a lot of space:

  • Yoga mats (for your yoga and meditation sessions)
  • Workout bench
  • Barbells
  • Weight plates
  • Push-up stands (for upper body)
  • Adjustable hand gripper
  • Finger strength gripper
  • Tempo studio 

While these are our suggestions, you can include any type of equipment at your home for the workout. Make sure to decide the equipment types as per your budget, room space, and exercise routine. Additionally, always maintain a good posture while working out. If you are a professional with experience in high tech machines, you know what works for you! However, start slow if you are a beginner.

That's all! Through these best equipment for home workout, you can set up an excellent gym at home. 

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