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Best food Processor to Buy in 2022 - Kitchen Helpers

Best food Processor to Buy in 2022 - Kitchen Helpers

Best food Processor to Buy in 2022 - Kitchen Helpers


The longest part of cooking is cutting, slicing, or chopping the food. Food processors solve problems related to chopping and slicing within seconds. Some powerful food processors help you in the kitchen like robots.

A food processor is of course the most stylish thing to sort out all your kitchen problems. This masterpiece is Simple to operate for mincing, slicing, chopping, and rending. This amazing kitchen appliance can make the frequently tedious world of cooking a little bit easier.

Some amazing processors come with big storage space as well as Food processors surely help to accelerate your cooking process. It not only simplifies your task but also adds taste to cooking with fully chopped vegetables.
How to choose the best food processor?

Choosing a stylish food processor for your requirements can feel a bit engaging. Are you looking to add a food processor to your force to help with kitchen fix? The main effects to consider while selecting a processor is as follow:


The first step is to determine the volume of food you’ll want to chop. It’s important to keep it handy for easy access so it'll get plenitude of use! A mini food processor will handle lower amounts more efficiently. Also, its lower size means it’s easier to move around, store, and clean. They’re perfect for little jobs like mincing one onion, or mincing nuts.

However, chopping a large amount of food, or for larger groups of people, you need to go with a larger model. Size doesn’t affect the quality of the processor. People usually think a full-sized processor doesn’t work well but that’s not right. It sometimes becomes difficult to handle a big processor but its amazing attachments cover all the bad sides.


Prices for food processors start from $20 for budgeting-chops ends at $400 for luxury models. There's a plenitude of value available in between when you won’t be using your food processor veritably frequently.

Your budget of course is the biggest factor in selecting the model that might be the stylish fit for you.

Blade Performance

Also, you need to set your eyes on this fact. How sharp the blades are and how evenly they process slice or grate. A good and sharp blade will automatically process your food easily. That means the blades need to be sharp out of the box and remain sharp over times of use.

  • The stylish models should have blades sharp enough to
  • Hash vegetables and sauces unevenly
  • Slice fairly
  • Finely grind nuts, and other dry constituents.
  • Stability/ Safety

Some lower models have suction mugs to help keep them still on the counter. Numerous food processors also have safety locking mechanisms in the lid. Some models feature sealed work to keep wet constituents from oohing out and splashing you or the counter while processing.

Motor Strength

A strong motor is an obvious factor to think about while buying a processor. Weaker models tend to seize up or stop when they try to reuse heavy foods. They’ll also wear out more fluently with regular use and make noise when they’re processing.

Easy to Use

Your food processor should be simple to assemble, run, and store. You should have a food processor with instinctive and clear controls, simple assembly to simplify your task. Dishwasher safe corridors are a must-have.

It’s always difficult to find a good processor easily. One of the stylish ways to assess the ease of use of a particular model is to read food processor reviews online.

Feeding Medium

High-quality food processors have a lid with a feed tube for fitting food to be diced, minced, sliced, ground, or pureed. A medium for adding liquids through the lid while the machine is processing is a huge plus.

Feed tubes with flexible sizes allow you to fluently add long or large constituents like carrots. This way, they keep them upright against spinning blades for clean and precise cuts.

Of course, there’re several processors with amazing capacity and capability. Some food processors we tested for our readers are:

Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor

Price: $399.0/ 351.58 EURO/ 499.45 CAD

Whether you're a pro cook or not, investing in a high-powered food processor is amazing for you. It looks ultra-modern with its radiant, gray original and black feed waterfall corridor, on the countertop.
And when it came to our tests — mincing and slicing veggies, shredding things it remains the number one choice of kitchen experts. This Breville may bring

  • Storehouse case 
  • Multiple waterfall options (5- inch, 23/4- inch, 11/2- inch)
  • Slicing fragment S- blade
  • Mini work bowl
  • 16- Mug capacity
  • Reversible shredding slice for fine grating
  • Spatula, drawing encounter

Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor with Auto-IQ

The Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor is a top pick for space-saving and multi-functionality. This 14-cup food processor has different cups for blending, processing, and a trip mug. The base can be used to blend mists and smoothies in the large2.1 liter flask or the particular-sized 700 ml mug. There’s also an a1.8-liter food processor attachment.

The processor has a unique multi-layered blade that chops unevenly, indeed when you’ve filled the food processor coliseum. Also, there's a reversible slice that shreds as well as slices.

Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor with Bus- Command has incredible smart features. It has a mix, chop, puree, and mix setting, as well as a shudder button and three strengths for blending. These programs mean you can simply press to hash or mix depending on your choice.

Also, the process is pre-timed and hands-free. The fun fact about it is that it’s entirely dishwasher safe. If you want a machine that can go from smoothie to salsa, this is your mixer.

  • Size 48x25.5x 19
  • 1.8 liters Capacity
  • Particular Blender
  • Reversible shredding/ slicing slice
  • Dough blade and mincing blade

Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

Price: $250/ 220.42 EURO/ 313.48 CAD

This affordable food processor is a great option for newbies and cookers likewise. From the model we tested, this price is not too crazy, and if you cook a lot, it may be worth the investment. It has amazing 720 watts, which is enough important for the motor.

It comes with a slicing fragment, shredding fragment, and mincing blade. When it comes to testing food processors, high quality, simple and incredible design win out in the end.

The Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor doesn’t include a ton of accessories but it outperformed the other machines we tested. It’s a sturdy 181/2-pounds, but it chops, minces, slices, and shreds with perfection and speed.

The 14- mug was the largest capacity of any model we tested, allowing you to make a large mixture. It's also super easy to use, set up, and clean, so it will not be an appliance that gathers dust.

Kenwood FPM910

Price: $380.00/ 297.74EURO/ 423.30CAD

If you want an 8 cup food processor that handles nearly every part of your fix, this is it. The Multi pro food processor comes with a huge quantum of functionality. It comes with several slicing and grating discs, a cutter blade, dough blade, folding tool, grinder, and blender.

There are eight pets for processing plus a palpitation, as well as a bus speed button that selects a setting for you. The range of blades will suit both the keen cook and those who like to batch chef.

An extra-wide feed tube accommodated every vegetable without important mincing beforehand. Other features are a

  • 30- Nanosecond eco mode
  • Storehouse box for the blades
  • Whisk tool and folding tool
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Capacity 4 liters
  • Multi mincing tools
  • Amazing sharp blades

You will need storehouse space for this machine – the quantum of attachments is complex! As well it comes with excellent extras, including a blender, binary-geared essence whisk, and folding tool. The essence whisk incorporates further air into the blend, the blender copes with hot food and makes fantastic mists.

KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper

Price: $50/ 62.69 CAD

This mini chopper has our vote for the cutest food processor. It’s well equipped to make everything from delicious salsa to the smoothest hummus. Still, it's a one-person food processor with a capacity of only 3 or 5 mugs.

If you do not mind working in small batches or generally cooking for yourself in a small space, it works great for what it is. The fairly compact, antique-looking appliance is great when slicing cucumber, mixing dough, and dicing beef.

  • Capacity3.5 mugs
  • Sharp blade
  • Wattage 240

Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

Price: $55/ 68.96CAD

This affordable option from Hamilton Beach comes with an average 8- mug capacity, a 450-watt motor, and an easy-to-use. It offers a dial with two pets and a shudder option. It has a large feeding tube, reversible shredding, and slicing slice which can slice vegetables and puree gravies.

Importing 5 pounds, it’s also feather-light enough to move around your kitchen. It has a 4.6-star average, and it’s also available in a 10- mug model.

Bottom Line

Food processors can be noisy. Look for food processors with an induction motor for quieter processing. The stylish food processors come with amazing attachments. But be sure you check to see what's included in the food processor you're considering buying.

Not every appliance has every attachment but sliced chopped is a must. A full-sized processor makes food prep easy while a small one keeps things handy.
All of the above lists clearly define the features of good processors. Tell us which one you decided to buy.

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