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Best Toaster to Make the Perfect Breakfast

Best Toaster to Make the Perfect Breakfast

Best Toaster to Make the Perfect Breakfast


You know it's a good breakfast when you bite on the toasted bread, and it makes a flaky, crunchy sound. Being one of the first meals of the day, breakfast has to be perfect.

However, to make the best breakfast, you need to have the ideal set of toasters. As without this appliance, preparing a supreme breakfast/brunch wouldn't be possible.

When selecting a toaster, it's important to look for its features, cost, slot sizes, lifters, etc. But, if you don't want to go through all the hassle, then simply check our list here to find out the best toaster for your family:

#1 Cuisinart Cpt-180 Classic Toaster

If you want a four-slice slot toaster at a reasonable price, then the Cuisinart Cpt-180 Classic toaster is a good choice. That's because it is feature-rich and comes with options like reheat, defrost, and bagel. Besides, it also comes with 12 brownness settings and six notches/halves.

The outer surface of the classic toaster is quite sturdy and durable, thanks to its stainless steel covering. Additionally, the levers are easy to use and have a good lift.

Another best thing about this toaster is that it comes in various colours. It's also quite easy to clean, so you wouldn't have to struggle with sanitation as such!

#2 Breville Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster

Breville Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart toaster is one of the best toasters for that perfect breakfast slice. The working mechanism of the toaster is quite impressive. All you have to do is add the bread slices into the slots and press the "Toast button", your job is done!

If you always burn your toast or don't know the ideal temperature for toasting, this product provides a "Lift button". Once you press it, the bread lifts to show you the toast. You can check whether it's done or not.

Now, if the toast still looks undone, you can press the "A Bit More" button for more toasting. Other than that, the toaster comes with wider slots and options for bagels and defrost for your convenience.

#3 Hamilton Beach Keep Warm 2 Slice Toaster

Hamilton Beach Keep Warm 2 Slice toaster is appropriate for a small family with lesser people. It can toast two slices of bread side-by-side and is quite easy to use. The outer part of the toaster remains cool to touch when using, so there is no hassle of burning yourself while handling the product.

Like other toasters, you can get toasting options like regular, bagels, and defrost with this one. Besides, it comes with a dial that allows you to modify the crispiness of the toast. You can simply turn the dial as you want your toast to be.

One of the efficient features of this toaster is its "Keep Warm '' button. This function keeps the bread warm while you're preparing the rest of the breakfast. It also has a "Toast Boost'' feature where the bread rises itself after getting toasted.

This ensures its easy removal. The toaster also ensures that both the bread sides are evenly toasted, so that's a plus point!

#4 Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch 2 Long Slot Toaster

If you like to use wide pieces of bread and struggle with smaller slots, this toaster can rescue you from the same. Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch 2 Long Slot toaster, as the name suggests, comes with long slots to hold wider slices.

One of the best attributes of this toaster is that you can heat broad pastries and bread on the toaster top. It also offers a simple interface where you can adjust the dials to set the toasting time. This would prevent you from forcing any slices within the slots.

#5 Black + Decker 2-Slice Toaster

If you want a simple toaster with all basic features, this Black + Decker 2-Slice toaster is the one to go for! It's a bit small in size, which means it can fit all kitchens.

Regardless of being compact, it offers efficient features where you can toast bagels, English muffins, bread slices, etc. The best thing about this toaster is its low cost. You wouldn't have to spend a fortune on this one. What else? You get two colour options i.e., black and red.

#6 Morphy Richards Verve Toaster

With four slots and a lift-to-peek feature, our next favourite is this Morphy Richards Verve toaster. Like other toasters, it comes with a slider dial through which you can modify the toasting level as per your preferences.

It also has a sturdy lever using which you can get a quick glimpse of how toasted the bread is. This could help you identify when your bread is done.

Speaking of its other features, the slots to these toasters are wide enough to fit broad slices. It also has a reheat and frozen feature along with a slice pop-up function to keep your hand free from burns.


Now that you know about the best toasters of all time do not hesitate to buy them today! Select any of the above products as per your budget, and we are sure you wouldn't regret it.

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