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Everything you Need to Know About Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker

Everything you Need to Know About Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi is a smartphone maker first, but it explores other avenues for growth purposes. As a result, this company developed a portfolio of accessories, including fitness trackers, headphones, power banks, LED lights, and even Bluetooth speakers. Speaking of which, the Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker is one of the smallest Bluetooth speakers in the world.

This Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker has all features that would make it a great choice, especially in a pocket-friendlyrange. But the real question is- Is it only good on paper, or does it actually perform well? Well, to know the answer read the review below:


This Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker has lightweight, and it is perfect for carrying around in the bag or pocket. Moreover, it does not take up much space. It has a scientifically designed parametric communicator mesh cover that gives a speaker a pleasurable aesthetic while allowing the sound to pass through without getting affected.

It has a plastic body with an elastic base to avoid stress. Also, its top work appears extremely beautiful in the light. In addition, its openings are not contiguous to one another. Therefore, it gives the communicator a fascinating bloom look.

Excellent Volume and Sound Quality

This orator has an alternate size and highlights in comparison with other ones. Xiaomi has used innovative processes to make this speaker increasingly magnificent. Its size straightforwardly corresponds to its exhibition. So, if the size of a speaker is small, you have to use different devices such as computerised signals. It ensures that the little Bluetooth speaker doesn’t get overpowered by other frequencies it needs to replicate.

It has tonal precision and low twisting at the most extreme volume. Therefore, Xiaomi has ensured that acoustic instruments, vocals, and rhythms sound the best paying little mind to the music type being played. Moreover, it has good bass and is ideal according to size. So, sound quality according to its size and value is great.

Battery Performance

Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 has long battery life. You can play music on it for up to 6 hours at a volume scope of 80 percent. Its design allows you to enjoy music for a long time. However, its battery performance varies according to your use. If you play music at full volume, the battery can last for 1:30 Hours or 2 Hours. Thus, Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker is a decent choice for individual use.

User-Friendly Speakers

The Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 is a highly user-friendly device. Its built-in microphone helps you to take calls once you connect your smartphone with it. On the bottom of this Bluetooth speaker is a button to turn on and off the device. You can also answer and end phone calls with the same button. Therefore, this speaker is very suitable for conference calls.

This device also has a physical button to pause or resume the current song. It is well-equipped with a 480mAh battery that promises at least 6 hours of long-lasting listening and enjoyment time. Moreover, you can easily check the battery's state on your smartphone and recharge this speaker using a micro-USB cable. It has a Bluetooth 4.2 version that ensures a stable connection with your smartphone, even if it is 10 metres away from this orator.

Some Other Good Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Below are some recommendations for good portable speakers:

JBL Xtreme 3 Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Xtreme 3 is a great option for those who want a Bluetooth speaker that sounds bigger and bolder. However, it is still portable enough to take on a beach trip. It is one of the best-sounding portable speakers because of its clear sound on guitars, voices, and pianos. It is built for adventure, so it is waterproof and dustproof. In addition, it has a strong carrying strap you can tug along anywhere.

Ultimate Ears WonderBoom 2

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is as pleasant-sounding as Ariana Grande and as tough as Lara Croft. It is all-around the most versatile choice as it has clear vocal reproduction and a decent bass amount for its size. It offers great sound for a small area, like a picnic table or a couple of chairs in a patio. It can survive a 5-foot drop in 1 metre of water—but because it floats and will probably never dive deep. It has a spherical shape design in a compact size, but it is a little tougher to pack away in a laptop bag or suitcase pocket.

Bose SoundLink Revolve 

The Bose SoundLink Revolve is a powerful Bluetooth speaker with a microphone. It can clearly recognize your voice commands even when you are from across the room. It supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to pay bills, play music, and set reminders, using voice commands. It has a battery life of up to 14 hours

Final Words

If you are looking for portable speakers in a reasonable price range, all the devices mentioned above are a good choice. If you are searching for a decent, lightweight, compact size, and good-quality speaker, consider the Xiaomi Mi Speaker. 

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