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How Do You Shoot A GoPro Video Professionally - 7 Pro Tips

How Do You Shoot A GoPro Video Professionally - 7 Pro Tips

Do you want to capture your adventures and tell people the exciting stories of your life? If yes, use GoPros, as they are amazing and versatile. Nowadays, many video professionals or filmmakers also use GoPro to capture action scenes. They can take a beating but keep on shooting. Moreover, professionals use them to get angles they can not record with their expensive and larger video cameras.

You can make an entire full-length movie with GoPro. They are small, but you can not underestimate them. In addition, GoPros are easy to use and have good picture quality. With proper settings and technique, you can make some great videos that can even work on big screens. Here are some tips for creating masterpieces like a video professional:

Plan your Shots

The first step to improve your video quality is to plan your shots properly. If you plan videos in advance, there will be a chance of conveying a better story. So, do not rush to press the record button. Instead, take some time to check the surroundings first. Sometimes, you may discover new lighting combinations and angles that you can use to your advantage. If you want to be more creative and make videos much better, you can plan shots using the following tips:

  • Story is important. So, ensure that you follow a storyline when shooting a video.
  • Think about all camera angles and movements.
  • Check for the light source and choose the daytime to record (ideally sunrise and sunset).
  • If you plan a specific shot in advance, don’t be afraid to watch a recording. Ensure that you are fully satisfied before moving to the next shot.


You can include an aquatic video clip to take production to another level. Waterproof housing for normal vlogging cameras are a bit expensive, but with GoPro inside a waterproof mount, you can keep it in a small glass and make a cool shot. Earlier, when you shot a series of promotional videos at a pool,  you used a high-end camera for prints on deck. But edit in cutaways from below the water for reverse angles. With Go pro, you can make underwater video clips without hassle.

Connect GoPro to the App

Before shooting a video, connect your GoPro to your smartphone application. It will allow you to access various features, including receiving the live feed. Once you complete the filming, the GoPRo app will give you choices to jolt around the footage. You can do video editing and overwrite audio with copyright-free music to add a professional touch.

Use a Burst Mode

Do you want to freeze a great shot in time? If yes, use a burst mode. Unfortunately, the top-end cameras can only capture 5 to 10 photos per second. But with a GoPro, you can snap a minimum of 30 shots. The burst mode has numerous uses and constantly comes up with new ones. For example, you can catch beautiful jump photos no matter how short a hang time is. 

Use a Mount

It is one of the easiest ways to spice up a video and make things look exciting. These days there are different mounts available in the market and several ways to mount them. So whether you choose it for a helmet or chest mount to film snowboarding or bike excursions, a mount is a good idea. It would be best to test it out in different places to determine the best spots for smooth production and correct angles.

Remove Noise from Footage

Another way to make a GoPro video look more professional is to minimise the background noise. It can be a wind sound, people chattering, motor engine noise, or anything else. The simple method to eliminate noise from a video is to use filters in post-editing. Generally, the recommended value to retain a human voice with minimum noise is 500 to 2000 Hz. However, you can test multiple times to find the proper range for certain requirements.

Make your Camera Stable

Some people think about the need for stability with an action cam. When you record something from the sidelines, a tripod helps achieve the desired stability. Moreover, a GoPro is compatible with various third-party accessories to ensure that your camera is stable. Thus, it prevents the shakiness of your hands. You can also obtain stability using gimbals when you record a shot while in motion. They contain motors to counter the hand's movement that causes video instability. 

Final Thoughts

Shooting with a GoPro camera is unlike everything you hope for, especially in the beginning. But do not feel discouraged and keep working on it. You will discover many exciting things and develop your preferences with time. The best thing about GoPro is it gives you the freedom to experiment. So, do not get afraid; instead, keep experimenting.

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