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Kindle or iPad for Reading: Which Device is Better

Kindle or iPad for Reading: Which Device is Better

Kindle or iPad for Reading: Which Device is Better


Do you love reading eBooks? If yes, you are probably not unfamiliar with Kindle and iPad rivalry. Undoubtedly, both are great tools for reading books anywhere, anytime. In addition, they are portable and convenient reading companions. But to choose one, it would be best to go through a detailed Kindle or iPad comparison.

Though both gadgets excel in various aspects, everything depends on your usage. Therefore, below are some comparisons between both devices that help you decide the suitable option for yourself.


The biggest difference between Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad is how they display content. The iPad uses a backlit LCD screen to display images and words as a monitor. In contrast, Kindle e-readers use e-ink technology. It restores it on paper with the help of electricity to move black and white particles on the screen.

Though Kindle shows images in documents, it cannot display colour. Therefore, text on Kindle looks like a printed book. So, is it worth getting a Kindle if I have an iPad? You do not experience eye strain from black and white e-books while reading before bed. In addition, you will not get distracted by notifications.


Another important aspect is price. No doubt, purchasing an iPad leaves a large dent in the pocket compared to Kindle. But pleasantly, you will get a multifunctional iPad at approximately £300, which is not bad considering its impressive capabilities. The Best iPad for reading books 2022 is the iPad mini-6. It is in demand thanks to its pixel-dense display, portable form factor, and surprising power.

But of course, Amazon's Kindle is kinder on your wallet as it comes at around £100. So, the choice is yours; select one as per your budget. You can look for the best prices at SaveOnCells.


After the Kindle vs iPad 2022 comparison, you will learn that the iPad has more storage space as compared to the basic Kindle. The basic iPad version of iPad contains 32 GB of storage, whereas Kindle has 8GB of internal memory. So, you can carry around 5000 e-books on Kindle, whereas there can be more on iPad. So, while purchasing a tool, ask yourself if you need extra space or not.

Readability Options

Both Kindle and iPad have options to improve readability, like changing the font size. Kindle can adjust font style and line spacing. Moreover, it offers text to speech books. While iBooks on Apple's app does not give many customisations, it provides an option of downloading third-party apps and changing text colour.

Battery Life

After doing Kindle or iPad comparison, you will see a significant difference in the battery life of both devices. Apple's iPad can work for approximately 10-14 hours with a full charge, while Kindle can last incredibly for almost 2 to 3 weeks. So, if you want to go on a vacation, you don't have to carry a charger with you.

Kindle's overall simplicity and lack of cutting-edge features mean it can run for a longer time on a single charge. However, in the Apple counterpart, it is not possible.


The iPad features a small silicon A4 chip with a super-fast and seamless performance. As a result, you can experience intuitive navigation and fast page taps, turns. Though Kindle doesn't have the same performance and enhancing technology, the latest model has bounds for quick page-turning. So, both devices have a quite seamless performance, and you will not notice much difference between them. 

iPad Mini vs Kindle Paperwhite

The new iPad mini has upgraded its functionality and looks, but it remains the smallest in the current catalogue. Even with a large screen, the aluminium enclosure is extremely compact: 7.69 inches by 5.3 inches with 0.25 inches thickness. Kindle Paperwhite also has a fairly large front screen with small bezels on top and sides.

It has a smaller footprint compared to the iPad mini at 6.9 inches by 4.9 inches. So, its size is as small as a book. It has simple technology, but it is thicker than an iPad, almost 0.32 inches. Its plastic housing and small size certainly save weight, with a 0.45-pound mass. It considerably undercuts the iPad mini's 0.65 pounds weight.

Both Kindle Paperwhite and iPad mini have USB-C connections. It allows them to be recharged and connect to PCs or Macs for directly transferring the data. Also, devices have Wi-Fi. While iPad claims Wi-Fi 6 support, Kindle supports 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz networks. In addition, Bluetooth is available on both devices.

Still Can’t Decide?

An iPad is the best option to read, play games, work, or kill time. It has outstanding performance that guides you virtually in all tasks while reading your favourite books. In contrast, you need a Kindle ebook reader for simple and focused reading. Then, you can use it for many days with a single charge and without eye strain.



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