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What's New in the Xbox Series X [Review]

What's New in the Xbox Series X [Review]

What's New in the Xbox Series X [Review]


Xbox series X has been available for over a year now and is still doing great. Users loved the significant upgrades and powerful graphics. Also, many can't get enough of the outstanding gaming experience delivered by these game consoles. So, you know it's worth the fuss! Like you, we were reading different Xbox series X reviews and write-ups too. Thus, we couldn't wait to try it. Now that we finally did, here's everything you need to know:

Xbox Series X Design

First things first, let's discuss the factor for which the Xbox series X is making the headlines! It's design. This time Microsoft has come up with a rectangular box-like structure that encompasses all the components. The back structure consists of multiple USB ports, a storage expansion slot, HDMI 2.1, and ethernet port. Meanwhile, you get USB ports and a 4K resolution Blu-ray drive on the posterior side. Furthermore, a fan at the top drives off the hot air and keeps the system cool and quiet.

You can position the Xbox both vertically or horizontally; but, it's originally designed to be placed vertically. There were no heat or sound-related issues as such, (which is a plus point) but it's best to keep the Xbox series X in a well-ventilated space.

Note: You cannot open the structure, nor can you remove its base.

Xbox Series X Controller

Speaking of the controller, it's somewhat similar to the Xbox One. But, not entirely! The size of the former generations of Xbox was larger than the series. Thus, it means this time; it's not just for the adults but also for the little players. The controller has prominent textured grips around the triggers, bumpers, and posterior for even better experience It also has other new inclusions like a new D-pad, USB-C port, and share button. The share button can capture your gameplay as pictures and videos.

A plus point of the series is that you can use your old Xbox (One and Elite) controllers for the new one. However, one thing that we (and other reviewers too) considered a bit turn-off was its operation on AA batteries.

Xbox Series X Gaming Performance

The gaming performance of the Xbox series X and any advanced gaming laptop is quite the same. It comes with AMD Zeb 2 CPU (3.4 GHz) and the AMD RDNA 2 GPU with distinct technical features. This includes a RAM of a whopping 16 GB and SSD storage of 1TB NVMe. It also has a power of 12 Teraflops.

To enhance the gaming performance even more, the series introduced the quick resume feature. This particular function is a lifesaver for all the gamers who hate video game halts while playing game. That's because, with this feature, you can continue the game from where you stopped. Thus, you can switch between games without any reloads! But unfortunately, you can relish this feature for only a handful of Xbox Series X games.

Additionally, Xbox Series X ensured better textures, graphics, and effects for the available Xbox Series X game. From NFS: Heat and Halo infinite to Marvel's Avengers and Cricket 19, most titles had perfect visuals!

Xbox Series X Loading Times

If you are a pro-gamer who does not like the never-ending load times, then the series X is worth the buy! It loads the game faster and delivers better timings than present-day consoles. In addition, gamers have noticed a cut-short loading for most games (by minutes or seconds) played in the series. In fact, multiple games, including the old ones like GTA 5, loaded pretty quickly than earlier!

Xbox Series X Sound

The sound quality of the series is pretty clear and solid for a gaming console. If you play Atmos-enabled movies/games, the effects will seem decent on ears. Ofcourse, it's not as outstanding as its competitors (like Sony UBP-X700) with a rather dynamic experience, but it's not bad either. The audio performance is satisfactory.

Xbox Series X Release Date and Cost

The Xbox series X was released two years back, i.e., 10 November 2020. However, it's more than a year now, and still many people struggle to get it in stock. With the surge in demands, this shortage is likely to last till 2023. Coming to the cost, the Xbox series X price is $499 for both UK and US buyers.

Final Verdict

To sum up, the Xbox series X is power-packed with new updates and efficient features like the quick resume. It could run at 120 FPS which is higher than the earlier versions of 60 frames per second. The ultimate price may seem a bit high for some people, but of course, good things come at a cost!

To be honest, we were quite impressed by its fast loading times, compatible game, high-quality graphics, and high storage. Overall, the console is a dream-come-true for professional players. If you get it in stock, go for it! It can make your gaming experience faster, better, and extra satisfactory.

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