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Which Camera is Best for Indoor?

Which Camera is Best for Indoor?

Indoor cameras play an important role in your home's safety. They deter potential theft and help keep an eye on day-to-day events at your home. Various indoor cameras are available nowadays, but the best ones are full of features essential for keeping your home security tight. However, each one of them has its own benefits and shortcomings. Therefore, it isn't easy to choose the indoor camera that best fits your requirements.

To make your decision easy, here is a list of some best security cameras mentioning their different features:

Google Nest Cam

Machine learning is a big part of Nest’s new camera. It has a lamp-like look, and most components are made from recycled content. Its positioning is quite easy with its 3m long cable. You will easily get a clear view of the room and connect it via the Google Home app. Its onboard AI can distinguish between moving objects and people, leading to faster alerts.

It offers a range of styles, including a wood-effect base option and three hours of free event storage. Moreover, the camera remains inactive until you leave home. The Nest camera comes with two-way audio, HDR night vision, and 1080p resolution. 

Cync Indoor Smart Camera

Cync indoor camera beats out every other camera with its important feature: a shutter that covers its camera lens when you don't want it watching you. Also, the app has two-factor authentication, which is mandatory for all security purposes. 

The live video feed is very sensitive information, so if you want to install a camera in your home, take the necessary precautions. For example, you can turn the cameras off, turn them around, or unplug them. But Cync’s shutter feature here makes it easier. Simply slide the shutter up when you are home, and you will see a crossed-out camera symbol to show that the lens sees nothing.

Arlo Ultra 2

Arlo Ultra 2 camera delivers the best home security video and uses an extra resolution to enable digital zoom and track. As a result, it makes it easier to follow people when they move across the frame. It has a built-in spotlight that enables colour recording at night and has dual microphones to get better audio. 

Unfortunately, the Arlo Ultra 2 camera does not have a free cloud storage tier. Therefore, you have to spend some amount if you want to save any videos. And if you wish to save 4K videos, pay extra charges on top of the monthly plan, which gets waived for the first year. 

Logitech Circle View

There are various security cameras available for iOS users these days. But there are quite a few cameras that support HomeKit. If you prefer Siri voice assistant at home, check out the Logitech Circle View camera. You don’t have to worry about setting up a new account to access your camera remotely.

With this Logitech Circle View, you don’t need to worry about downloading another app. Instead, you can access the camera directly via Apple’s Home app. Or you can ask Siri through a voice command to check the camera's live feed.

Blink Mini

Most of Blink's security cameras are for outdoors, but the Blink Mini follows a different tack. It is a small and lightweight security camera that costs barely anything. But it has a high-level performance and does not cost much to run. It records at 1080p resolution at 30fps and offers night vision and motion detection.

It has two-way audio features, so you can speak or hear through this camera remotely. Moreover, its video clip cloud storage is not very expensive. Its image quality is good in daylight and at night, and the audio quality is surprisingly clear. It also works seamlessly along with screen-based Echo devices. It allows you to easily bring the video data from the camera with a voice command.

Reolink Argus 3 Pro

Reolink has a wide range of indoor security cameras and several devices to suit your selection of needs. Its battery power drives the popular consumer units. Though Reolink does not offer cloud support in the UK, you can capture quality imagery in both daylight and night by inserting an SD card. Also, you can add a solar panel affordably without making a fuss. 

Swann Wire-Free Security Camera

Are you tight on a budget? Don’t worry; this Swann indoor security camera is a good choice. You can get its functions and seven days of cloud storage for free. In addition, it captures full HD footage for both day and night. Moreover, you can integrate this camera with both Google Assistant and Alexa. Unfortunately, it has a built-in battery, so you can not use it while charging unless you choose an additional solar panel.

Bonus Tips

Indoor security cameras have a design that captures everything inside and around your property. For most people, ideal mounting means that your camera captures the entire property, and you may also capture the road, windows, or backyard. However, there are some rules regarding CCTV installation. So, you must take adequate steps and protect the privacy of your neighbours.

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