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7 Advantages of Using Bubble Wrap for Packing Materials

7 Advantages of Using Bubble Wrap for Packing Materials

Whether fragile or not, bubble wrap is a must when you want to transport an item from one place to another. Among several packing options, bubble wrap stays on top of the heap with its outstanding versatility and protection features.

So, let us talk about these efficient bubble wraps and the factors that make them a must-have packing ingredient in your life. So, without much ado, let us dive into the details.

Keeps your Stuff Safe

Bubble wraps offer a robust protection layer to the stuff. It strengthens the boxes to withstand jerks, rubs, and accidents. But how does bubble wrap work? You see, bubble rolls are made of a soft plastic sheet with air bubbles.

These air bubbles serve as a cushion for the boxes. So, these bubbles are powerful enough to safeguard the damages even if a severe impact happens on the items.

Boon for Oddly-Shaped Items

Do you know that bubble wraps are a boon for oddly-shaped fragile items that are impossible to box? Its versatile shape and size will efficiently cover all sharp corners and edges of the items.

Moreover, it also makes shifting things easier. It is how bubble wraps protect fragile items. And how about the unpacking process? Just cut the wrap and remove it. That's it!

It's Lightweight and Easy to Use

Bubbles in the bubble wrap are filled with compressed air. It makes them feather light and saves a lot on the total item weight. Apart from this, using bubble wraps is also a fun task. You don't need the services of technicians to wrap your item.

Just a couple of mindful tricks, your item is ready for transport. However, if you still find it tricky find the light bubble wrap, get from online store after checking the specifications. For example, if you live in Canada you can look for the best online shopping sites in Canada to buy the quality bubble wrap. 

It is Transparent

Items that are shipped undergo several checkpoints and inspections. Officers often have to remove the packing to check the credibility of the things. It makes the parcel vulnerable to damage.

It is where bubble wrap takes the brownie points. These transparent wraps allow the officers to see through them and check the parcel details. But, it doesn't compromise the safety of your item.

It's Cost-Effective

Another advantage of going for bubble wraps is that it is very affordable. Unlike other packaging materials, it will not burn a hole in your budget. So, if you are into drop shipping, bubble wraps can become a superb deal for your business.

You can contact a local vendor to know the current cost of bubble wrap. Moreover, with bubble wraps, you can assure your customers that their parcels are well-packed and will reach the destination intact.

Perfect for Custom Packaging Needs

Do you often need to go for custom packing? If yes, you cannot get a better packing material than bubble wraps. Be it a small or big item; these wraps will perfectly cover and insulate it.

However, make sure that you for reliable brands like Duck Brand Bubble Wrap or Scotch Big Bubble Wrap for the best results.


Don't toss the bubble sheets in the garbage bins once you are done with them. Unless the bubbles are not burst or damaged, you can anytime reuse them in your next packing.

This quality makes them one of the world's most effective environmentally responsible packing options.

How to Use Bubble Wraps?

  • Identify a flat, clean surface
  • Lay your bubble wrap with bubbles facing inside
  • Place your packet
  • Carefully wrap the sheet covering all the corners and parts of the parcel

Are Bubble Wraps Best for Packaging?

Yes, considering its extensive advantages and versatile uses, bubble wraps are hands down the best packaging material in the industry. Are there any disadvantages of bubble wraps? Unfortunately, yes. But only if you go for unbranded and low-quality bubble sheets. Let's check the cons in the next section.

Disadvantages of Bubble Wraps

Like any other packaging material, bubble wraps also come with a couple of cons. Let us have a look at them:

Storage is Challenging – We got that bubble wraps are super light and versatile. But when rolled, they eat up a lot of space in the room. It is a disadvantage for people who have limited storage spaces with them.

Not Biodegradable – We read that bubble wraps are environmentally friendly. But do you know some of them are not biodegradable? In other words, every time you dump a bubble wrap, it will consume space in the landfill.


So, this was all about the advantages and a couple of disadvantages of bubble wraps. Experts recommend going for branded and certified bubble wraps to shrink the cons as much as possible. Moreover, combining two or more packaging materials and bubble wraps is also a great idea to double up the safety of your items.

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