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Best Tips for Ear Care Routine

Best Tips for Ear Care Routine

The ears are the visible part of your hearing system, and some people take them for granted. However, taking care of the ears is very important as they affect your communication ability. Therefore, you must ensure that your ears are secure against damaging sounds, sun, water, and other substances. In addition, it helps to keep the loss of hearing at bay. The following are some simple yet effective ear care routine tips:

Keep Your Ears Dry

Excessive moisture is not good for the body, especially for the ears. Moreover, different activities like water sports and swimming let water get trapped in your ears. Then moist ear interiors become ground for bacteria to breed. As a result, you suffer from ear infections or pain. Therefore, it is vital to keep your ears dry. You can simply use a towel to dry your ears gently yet thoroughly.

Use Ear Plugs for Ear Protection

It would be best to avoid loud noises. But sometimes you have to use some noisy equipment or attend events in noisy places. In such cases, pop-in ear plugs to minimise exposure to loud noises. You can easily get good quality earplugs from e-commerce sites. Nowadays, you can also have custom-fitted earplugs that allow you to hear conversations or music while reducing harmful sound levels.

Sunburn and Sunscreen Avoidance

Most of you use sunscreen and rub it on your face, arms, neck, and legs. But have you ever applied it to your ears? Well, surprisingly, many people neglect this part of the body. As a result, your ears become highly prone to skin cancer. So, while applying sunscreen, dab some on the ears too.

Turn Down the Volume

Nowadays, a maximum number of teenagers or youngsters worldwide use unsafe audio devices leading to noise-induced hearing loss. If you also like listening to music through earbuds or headphones, buy best earphones in Canada and follow the 60/60 rule. It states that your headphones should be at no more than 60% volume, and you must not use them for more than 1 hour per day.

Earbuds are quite dangerous, as you fit them directly next to your eardrum. So, better use over-the-ear headphones. Also, don’t forget that loud music through headphones is not the only dangerous thing. But loud music without them can also be equally risky and leads to noise-induced hearing loss. So, while hosting any social event, set the music volume so you don’t have to shout during conversations.

Avoid Cotton Buds

Many of you use cotton buds to clean your ears, but it is not advisable to remove earwax with them. Earwax is normal and prevents dust particles from entering. But when you insert cotton buds or tissues into your ear, it can damage the eardrum or ear canal. If you feel a build-up of wax needs to be removed, seek a qualified professional.

Get Ears Checked

Are you facing any difficulty in hearing or conversating? Do you misunderstand what others say? Do you frequently need to ask others what they say? If yes, you might be experiencing a gradual hearing loss. So, it would be best to get your ears checked by a primary care provider (PCP). They will determine if you have to see an Audiologist or Otolaryngologist for further testing or not.

Regular Ear Wash

Let the ear wax perform its job when it comes to ear interiors. But clean the outside of the ears to keep excess wax and dirt from entering the ear canals. Make a daily routine to wash your ears gently. Also, wash them when you engage in dusty, sweaty, or dirty activities like playing outdoor games, travelling, etc.

Give Ears Some Recovery Time

If you get exposed to loud noises for some extended time, give your ears some recovery time. Then, whether it is a thrilling sports activity, noisy bar, or music concert, stay at some quiet place to recuperate.

Manage Anxiety and Stress

Do you know the reason behind tinnitus? Well, stress and anxiety are both linked to permanent as well as temporary tinnitus. High-stress levels cause the human body to go into flight mode. It fills your body with adrenaline, helping you fight danger. Unfortunately, this process pressurises your blood flow, nerves, and body heat that can travel to the inner ear, causing tinnitus.

Perform Regular Exercises

Do you exercise regularly? If yes, it is good. But if not, then start exercising daily. It is good for ears too. Cardio exercises like running, cycling or walking pump blood to the body parts. It helps internal components of the ear to stay healthy while working at maximum potential.

Closing Thoughts

Ears are valuable parts of the body, so do not neglect them. Your way of interpreting the world depends on the health and wellness of these appendages. The above described tips will help you to maintain ear health properly. 

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