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An Overview of Different Types of Calculators

An Overview of Different Types of Calculators

A calculator is an important part of everyday life as it is a terrific time-saving device. They are no longer the same boring rectangular black model; instead, now they come in colourful designs. Nowadays, these stylish and comfortable instruments amp up the office space. There is an exquisite range of calculators available in the market. Thus, it is hard to select the best one.

Various types of calculators are available with different functions, designs, and power sources. There is a calculator for each official requirement. Below are some of the calculator types:

Different Types of Calculators

Every calculator can perform basic functions, but some are more advanced versions. The different types of calculators are as follows:

Basic Calculators

A basic version is a four-function calculator that can help you perform simple arithmetic tasks like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can use such calculators at home to figure out monthly expenditures and other things.

Scientific Calculators

Every middle or high school student has seen and used a scientific calculator. They help you to perform algebraic, trigonometric, or geometric functions.

Graphing Calculators

Most college students use graphic calculators to perform advanced and complex functions like completing logarithms or plotting graphs.

Printing Calculators

People who do money-related tasks want to record calculations and use printing calculators. You can see figures or numbers printed on the paper that rips off from the top.

Financial Calculators

A financial calculator helps you to calculate finances. For instance, you can determine interest rates, cash flows, and mortgage payments. Though they are not common calculators, they benefit accountants, realtors, and financial advisors.

Online Calculators

Google can perform various amazing tasks. You just have to type in an algorithm or equation, and it will produce the answer.

Phone Calculators

Like any text messaging or music app, there is a built-in application programmed in every smartphone that helps to do basic maths problems.


Have you ever used stones or beans to perform maths? If not, you can use the abacus. It is a simple tool made from bamboo and beads that can be seen in elementary or primary classrooms of a school.

Best Calculators for 2022

Several calculators are available in the market, so it sometimes confuses you when you buy one for yourself. With the complexity of their functions, they become more expensive. However, this guide explains you some best calculators available these days:

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

If you want to plot a graph easily, try this classic Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator. It has a highly functional design with a superior ability to define, save or analyse around ten graphing functions. There are seven styles and twelve preloaded applications available to identify graphs. You can pick this calculator in ten different colours. In addition, it has a USB port and cable to connect with other TI products.

Casio MS-80B Standard Function Desktop Calculator

Casio's MS-80B is an ergonomic device than other calculators due to its angled numerical display and larger, palm-size surface. It has a 10-digit LCD display and independent memory. You can use it to calculate profit margins and perform tax and currency conversions. It also has a solar-powered battery backup.

Deli Mini Standard Function Calculator

Do you have a calculator which does not fare well in your bag? If yes, replace it with a Deli Mini. It has a metal body with rubberized keys and a removable cover that protects its LCD display from damage. Though it has a heavy-duty body, it is small and slim enough to fit in your shirt pocket. In addition, its cover has a perfect holding for a small notepad and business cards.

FX-9750II Graphing Calculator

Casio’s FX-9750II is a user-friendly graphing calculator that can handle most of the student's needs. It has a backlit, high-resolution, easy-to-read LCD display. You can use it for 230 hours with four AAA batteries. Though it lacks fancy features like higher-priced models, it can handle most student needs.

Helect Standard Function Desktop Calculator

This desktop calculator assists you in essential mathematical functions, including currency and tax conversion. It has a 12-digit display with many keys that make calculations easy to read. Its screen sits at a 30-degree angle to make your calculations comfortable. In addition, it is available in various colours so you can accessorise your desk accordingly.

HP Prime Graphing Calculator

This model by HP has a modern, brushed metal design with a sliding cover that sets it apart from the basic calculator. It helps to navigate easily by tapping the app tabs below the screen rather than the navigation buttons. You will also get a new perspective using 3D models as you can drag the finger to move the object.


Purchasing a calculator depends on the user’s requirements and the brand's authenticity. There are some prominent brands available in the market. So, do thorough research before buying one.


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