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Xiaomi Car Dash Cam Review

Xiaomi Car Dash Cam Review

Do you know how to drive? If yes, you might know that the Dash Cam can save you from many troubles and ensure your safety. The premise is that you must have a good Dash Cam that can record every detail of what is happening around you. Xiaomi’s 70 Mai Dash Cam Pro Plus is one of the perfect Dash Cam you can expect for.

Founded in 2016, the brand 70 Mai specialises in smart car electronic products. They have their own research and development department and factory that produces Dash Cams, from beginner to premium models. So, let us know more about its Xiaomi dash cam and rear car camera:


70 Mai Dash Cam has a compact design with a cylindrical shape measuring 5 inches in length and 1-inch in diameter. Therefore, it comes in handy, and you can also keep it in your pocket. In addition, its kit comes with a mounting bracket with a 3M sticky-back. So, you can mount it against the top of your windshield and insert the Dash Cam into it.  

One end of the Xiaomi 70 Mai Dash Cam has a power button that you can use to perform basic functions. You can activate and configure most features through the app or voice controls. Its other end has a USB-C port to power the camera. You can plug it into your car’s 12V “cigarette lighter” port for power.

The App

You can use 70mai’s app to adjust different settings and configurations freely. It is the best way to control the dash cam’s functionality. You can download it for free from the Apple Store or Google Play. After the app installation, it uses a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from your smartphone to connect with the dash cam. The app will guide you to the setup process easily and within minutes.

Image & Video Quality

This Dash Cam boasts a 170-degree field of view. As a result, it is almost a full view of your car's entire front with slight blind spots near the edges. This wide angle is better than what other dash cams offer. However, this curved angle has a slight amount of fish-eye effect. Although it is immediately noticeable, it does a great job at capturing images without much warping.

The dash cam records footage in 2592 x 1944 pixels resolution. It is an impressive image quality that is almost 2.5 times clearer than 1080p. Though it seems apparent that the resolution is higher than most dash cams, keep in mind that it will use more data with the higher the resolution. Its nighttime video footage is very good. Instead of using black and white infrared, it uses HDR to capture night vision full-colour mode.

Parking Surveillance

If you want to take advantage of the 24-hour parking surveillance feature, it would be best to use the optional wiring harness. It connects directly to the vehicle’s 12V power and keeps your Dash Cam running at a low power draw. The built-in G-sensor automatically triggers a recording when the dash cam detects movement, impact, or motion. It is perfect for people who park their vehicles on the street or in a public garage.


70mai Dash Cam has the coolest GPS and GLONASS feature. It has a chip that communicates with GPS and GLONASS satellites. It gives you access to specific parameters that report in real-time. It includes real-time trip data like speed, time and coordinates. With this info, you can easily pinpoint a precise location of an accident.

Voice Control

There is a tiny pinhole in the 70 Mai Dash Cam, which is a built-in microphone. It opens up a realm of possibilities for users. You can control a wide range of functionality through your voice. Audible commands like “take a photo” or “start recording” are easy to execute. The camera will listen to the voice commands and act accordingly.

It also has a built-in speaker that helps to give ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) alerts. Specifically, your Dash Cam will intelligently watch the front road and immediately alert you when required. These alerts consist of forwarding collision, lane departure, and moving traffic/pedestrian collision avoidance.


By default, it comes with 128GB of built-in storage. Instead of relying on a third-party microSD card, 70 Mai builds the solid-state memory into the internal circuit board. As a result, it provides better transfer rates of around 150 MB/s write and 230 MB/s read. Having built-in storage is nice to have. However, it also means that you can’t upgrade to a larger capacity or swap-out storage at a later date.

Well, it makes for an easy solution for access through the Dash Cam’s app or when you plug it directly into the computer’s USB port. In addition, you don’t need to worry about losing a memory card. Best of all, it has a “loop recording” feature. So, once the cam’s internal memory is full, it will automatically record the oldest files first.

Final Thoughts

The image quality of 70 Mai is sufficient for any parking lots or roads where you decide to take your car. In addition, its HDR night vision is a step up from the tinted green or black and white footage. It runs smoothly and hardly experiences any crashes or problems. So, you must consider buying one for your vehicle.

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