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10 Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Beginners

10 Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Beginners

10 Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Beginners 

Are you a beginner at growing plants? Are you confused about what to grow indoors? Various low-maintenance plants for beginners give a luxurious look to the interiors at a low cost. They positively impact the surroundings and purify the room's air. Moreover, you can grow them easily, even in poor conditions.

However, while selecting low-maintenance plants, pick ones in deep green colour as they perform well in low light. Also, they need less water. Here is the list of some best houseplants for low light you can order from different online websites:

Ponytail Palm

It is also popular with the name "Beaucarnea Recurvata." It is one of the highest-ranking low-maintenance houseplants. It can survive in tough conditions. Moreover, you can move it conveniently in different light conditions. It does not need much care and water, so it is one of the easiest choices for an indoor garden for beginners.

Ponytail palm is a super hardy and highly decorative item for indoors as it is aesthetically pleasing. This succulent needs water once every 2 to 3 weeks. However, it thrives in indirect and bright sun as it does not need high humidity. Last, they are not toxic to cats at home if you have any.


The peperomia is a great décor piece for decorating centre tables, shelves, or desks. It has more than 1000 species. It comes in waxy, thick drought-tolerant leaves in solid, variegated, or marbled green, grey, purple, or red shades. They are popular for their lovely ornamental leaves that come in various sizes, shapes, or colours.

The Peperomia is a great indoor plant for beginners as it can withstand your neglect. You can grow them alone or in groups with several varieties. However, it does not extend beyond 12 inches and needs medium bright sunlight as it is sensitive to light fluctuations.

Snake Plant

Popular with the name Snake Plants, Dracaena Trifasciata is a succulent type. This plant flourishes in inhospitable and dry conditions. This low-maintenance plant is an excellent pick for beginners. If you provide them with enough sunlight and water them occasionally, they can thrive for years in the home. But always remember that they are toxic to dogs and cats.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a great indoor plant that can last long without regular watering and care. You can water them when their top 2 inches of soil gets dry. However, these plants love the sun and heat. They give you a great benefit by soothing your skin in case of sunburn. Just snap off one plump leaf and apply its cooling gel to your skin.

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant is a drought-tolerant succulent. These low-maintenance plants for beginners have large, potato-like rhizomes which store water. These rhizomes help the ZZ plants survive droughts in their natural habitat. You can place them at your home in medium indirect sunlight and water them after every three weeks. Just check when their potting soil gets completely dry, then water them.

Air Plant

Also known as Tillandsia, these plants are easy to care for. You don't have to plant these epiphytic plants in the soil or keep them in water. Instead, you can put them in the pot, hanging vase, or anywhere you feel like. Just make sure they get indirect light. However, you can water them by submerging the air plants in water for almost 30 minutes every week. Then, dry them on a towel for a few hours.

Golden Pothos Vine

These are one of the most popular low-maintenance hanging plants. They grow in their native habitat into a tree swallowing monsters with huge green and yellow leaves. They grow aggressively from vases or baskets without much care; even they can easily root in a glass of water.

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are one of the best indoor flowers for beginners. You can grow them easily with moderate watering and lighting conditions. They have white flowers and gracefully curving leaves. As a result, they look elegant and exotic.

English Ivy

Along with the Spider Plant, this “Hedera Helix” is a universal plant, good for everything and needs minimal maintenance. The English Ivy can do well in moderately low light conditions. It flourishes and produces variegated leaves with higher light levels, similar to other variegated plants. It does not grow in dry soil but does not like overwatering.

These indoor plants are aesthetically pleasing and fun to design an interesting wall or wire mesh with long trailing branches. But make sure you keep an eye on it if you have pets and young children, as its berries and leaves are mildly poisonous.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

Popular with the name “Dracaena Marginata '', it is one of the most popular tall houseplants for beginners. It can flourish easily and doesn't require much maintenance. The Madagascar Dragon Tree can grow around 6ft within ten years. It has slim and attractively arching green leaves with a red outer edge or green with a yellow and red stripe through the leaf. These plants do well in potting soil as it keeps them slightly moist.

Easy Indoor Plants to Grow

Growing house plants as a beginner is pretty simple as long as you select easy to grow species. Moreover, they add colour to your home beautifully without needing much effort. However, any of the plants mentioned above require gardening skills. So, try them to decorate your interiors.


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