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11 Must Have Hair-Styling Tools

11 Must Have Hair-Styling Tools

Long hair has numerous unique requirements. It needs TLC to prevent dryness or trimming to ward off split ends. You need to tuck them away at night to avoid tugging and tangling. But perhaps above all every woman needs some essential hair styling tools in their styling kit. If you are starting out and want to fill in gaps in your current kit, here are some best hair styling tools you must try:

Hair Dryer

Every woman needs a hair dryer and it is non-negotiable. Many people believe that air drying the hair is best but it is not true. The longer you leave your hair wet, the more you will damage it. There are different types of hair dryers available nowadays with multiple heat settings. So, invest in one that has a cool setting option allowing you to control the hair damage.

Hair Straightener

Hair straightener is a must-have tool especially for people with curly hair. Using hair straightener, you can give yourself a perfect look for parties and brunches. Moreover, hair straightening lasts for around 3 to 4 hours. Its plates are smooth that can easily glide through the long hair optimised temperature, minimising the friction and heat exposure.

Electric Brushes

Electric brushes are a pretty new invention which ensures smoothness during the hair brushing routine. Brushing hair has various benefits and you can add easier styling to that list. Electric brushes have ionic function and they can rebuild hair structure through infrared radiation. You can also massage your scalp with them and the best thing is such brushes don’t use heat to make hair silky smooth.

Curling Iron

Are you one of those who love curly hair but don’t know how to curl the hair with a straightener? Well don’t worry. Now you can get curling irons as they are super user-friendly. You can easily get new bouncy hair using the curling irons. It is best for those who are lazy to use multi head tools.

Air Care Styler

The air styling kit makes hair styling easier than ever before. It includes 5 in 1 tools that combine hair brushing, drying, and styling features. It is equivalent to having a hair dryer, hair brush, hair curler, and hair styling comb all in one. It saves your time and money and creates a perfect hair style easily. 

Tail Comb

Tail comb is essential for creating different hair styles that require clean and proper hair partings. Consider purchasing tail combs with different sizes of tooth. You can use a fine-tooth tail comb for wet styling the detangled hair and wide tooth comb for hair detangling and sectioning.

A Designated Dye Kit

Many women like to experiment with their hair a bit more. If you are partial to hair colours or helping with bleach, do not relegate your kitchenware to the bathroom cabinet. Instead, invest in a dye tool kit to cut down your plastic waste and save your china set in this process.

Round Brush

Even if you do not prefer a curly look, you can use a round brush when drying your hair. It can add dimension and volume to your hair style. Dry your hair in multiple sections, lift them at the root using a round brush, and repeat the process until your hair gets dried fully. Round brushes are available in a few styles. It is your choice whether to use plastic bristles or natural ones. The ultimate decision depends on your goals and style preferences.

Hot Roller Sets

Do you have smooth hair that refuses to stay in their place? If yes, you must use a curling set. It will give your hair volume and create beautiful curls. A curling set includes warm rollers that you can roll into your hair. Then, leave them untouched until they cool down. When rollers stay in your hair for a long time, your curls will stay in their shape for a longer time than with a flat iron or curling iron. 

Hair Crimper

Hair crimper is a styling tool that lost its glory years ago but few people still like crimping their hair. Its structure is similar to flat iron but it does not have smooth blades. Once you press the strands with this device, you will get fine, square-like curls that will amp up your hair volume. Though this tool is not so popular these days, you can see that some designers use it in their fashion shows to bring back its glory.

Blending Shears

When you want to remove hair weight in a hurry or add controlled texture, you can try a blending shear. Blending shear, also known by the name thinning shear, has a blunt blade on one side and evenly spaced teeth on another. If you want to get the best result, use blending shear with an opposing grip handle and convex blades. It is reversible and can easily reduce strain on your hand, shoulder, and wrist.

Bonus Tips

If you have some budget, add the above mentioned tools in your styling kit. It will help you get a stylish hair style leading to a glamorous look and boosts your confidence as well.

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