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5 Best Kids Clothing Brands in the UK

5 Best Kids Clothing Brands in the UK

5 Best Kids Clothing Brands in the UK


Kids shopping is therapy as buying clothes for little humans in your life feels so satisfying. There are many options from high street to budget and all-new eco-friendly kids clothing range. The apparel of kids must have bright colours and be radiant as they are. So, sway all your confusions as this article has rounded up the UK's five best kids' clothing brands. Let's have a look!

#1 Polarn O. Pyret

Age: 0-12

Polarn O Pyret is a high quality kids' clothing brand that offers organic clothes. It's been successfully running and evolving for the last forty-five years. The brand's speciality is creating organic cotton clothes, unisex collections, apparells having pretty stripes and Scandinavian print for the kid's clothing. They claim that the designed clothes can be used by three kids, making them sustainable for future siblings. 

Their vow to sustainability is true as they repair any minor damage like zips and buttons of their clothes anytime. The clothes are very comfortable, encourage activities and are very stylish. Moreover, the filters on websites are according to age and not gender. So, opt for durable, planet-friendly, fun, gender-neutral clothes at Polarn O. Pyret. This Swedish company is one of the best picks among kids' clothing brands.

#2 Stella McCartney 

Age: 0 -16

The Famous Stella McCartney launched a children's clothing line in 2010 and surprised everyone with her fabulous collection. The brand aims to create truly eco friendly baby clothing and apparel for boys and girls. The garments are available at all prices, which have high quality organic clothes, recycled wool and cotton. The clothes have cool jackets, shorts and skirts with vibrant patterns and styles. Also, the designer thinks that they can instil the importance of sustainability in children through a fashion brand. 

The famous Stella McCartney Goggles are really popular, and children adore them. Stella McCartney is the daughter of an ex Beatles band member. Paul McCartney and his wife, the photographer Linda McCartney narrated lots of incidents of her childhood where she used to design dresses. It was her inborn talent to display creativity through designing. She graduated from Central Saint Martin's, and her first fashion show became a sensation.

#3 Muddy Puddles

Age: 0-12

Muddy Puddles aims to let children explore the world while staying protected. The amazing range of waterproof jackets, coats, puddle suits and shoes are incredible. The brand uses recycled plastic bottles in some clothes and is eco-friendly. The super-soft jackets with waterproof fleece and durable weatherproof material let the little one do adventure while staying dry. 

It started with a Devon mom who made the first waterproof suit for her kid. After that, the British brand became popular, and one mom to another took charge. Presently, Chief Mudder Natasha runs it with her exceptional team. The clothing line is very thoughtful and very popular. The clothes for babies and children are rainproof, snowproof and lets the children do every activity comfortably. 

#4 Merino Kids

Age: 0-5

Merino Kids has been available all over the UK for a decade. A New Zealand origin brand creates exceptional soft clothes for babies and children. They have an unmatchable range of sleepwear, swaddles and sleep bags. The brand uses all-natural merino wool, which controls temperatures, regulates moisture, and prevents itches in babies. Also, it's fire-resistant and easy to wash. The brand claims that these naturally designed clothes for babies, boys and girls have immense benefits. 

Studies have shown that this natural super soft merino wool helps babies sleep longer and look stylish. They pick the finest merino wool, which is popular globally, that provides babies with a comfortable experience. Babies need swaddling in the early months to avoid certain syndromes, and the merino swaddle is the best for this purpose. They have a range of cute baby clothes in pastel shades and adorable prints. The clothes are really very soft and good for babies and among top childrenswear brands.


Age: 0 -16

MORI has been running since 2015 and focuses on natural, sustainable, soft and planet-friendly baby clothing. Akin Onal, the founder of MORI, was in investment banking at J.P. Morgan and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. This natural inclination drew him to create healthy and sustainable baby clothing. 

He interacted with parents, read baby books on flights, and his hard work brought him here. MORI believes in recycling fabrics and creating zero carbon footprint through their products. Also, they arrange charity shows and frequent programs to help the unprivileged children. The thought efforts are true, and it's one of the leading kidswear brands.

Bonus Tips

So, these baby and kids clothing brands are truly amazing and unique. The goal is to create practical, eco-friendly and soft babywear altogether. So, always opt for breathable, cruelty-free and logical clothes for kids. The development age is crucial, so the clothes must also enhance the childhood experience.

Meta Description: Are you looking for the UK's best kids' clothing brands? Well, check out here for all practical, eco friendly, durable, affordable and stylish brands which are trending. 

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