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7 Reasons Why Digital Locks Are Worth The Investment

7 Reasons Why Digital Locks Are Worth The Investment

Today's digitised world has made our life easy. Be it connecting people, storing data or providing information, digitalisation has simplified a lot of things with its benefits! Just like that, it has also spread its roots in home security through digital locks.

If you don't know, digital locks are a keyless security system and popular addition to digitised products along with security alarms. It is different from traditional locks as you wouldn't require a key to unlock the doors! Instead, you will have to set passwords or fingerprint scans to do the same.

Be its smart technology operations or ease of use, digital locks are worth the investment. But, if you want to know more reasons why you should buy it, read this guide till the end:

With smart digital locks, you can track who has entered or left your house. Digital locks allow you to assign respective passwords or entry codes for your family members. Whenever someone wants to unlock the door, they will have to enter the entry code.

You will be able to see the history of who has entered your house and when, by connecting your lock with the application. These applications are available for most digital locks and act as great proof for any suspicious events.

Locking Doors Through Voice Commands


Digital locks are perfect for those who often forget to lock their door. That's because it allows you to lock doors by voice commands.

Manufacturers are understanding the importance of smart locks and that's why most digital locks have this feature, currently! Locks with voice commands can match your busy lifestyle and work for you at your convenience. You can also use an application to lock your door, but voice commands are much more convenient.

Modern Look

Digital locks are quite contemporary and attractive in appearance. It matches all of your home decors and gives a minimalistic look. The unique and elegant designs complement your home space, home exteriors, and home interiors perfectly. You can consider digital locks as "the beauty with brains" of the security world.

Besides that, digital locks can look more fascinating than old-school traditional locks. Today's smart generation needs everything smart. Be it their phone, watches, or other accessories. Amidst such requirements, digital locks could be their new smart addition.

You wouldn't have to spend a fortune to buy digital locks! They are quite inexpensive and suitable for all budgets. If you choose a decent brand to buy your smart lock, the cost of smart locks could be between £130 to £180. Similarly, if you have a higher budget, you can get more feature-rich digital locks at £300 or more.

Note: This is just an estimation. You can get digital locks at lesser or higher prices.

The cost for digital locks is more or less the same as traditional locks. In fact, if you compare the benefits to cost ratio of both, digital locks are much more reasonable.

No Stress of Key Loss

This may be one of the main reasons why most people prefer digital locks over traditional locks. Digital locks keep your stress of losing keys at bay. That's because it doesn't need any key to open the lock.

You must have faced or heard of a situation where people lose their keys and panic over someone else accessing it. But, with digital locks, neither can anyone open your door lock nor can they make any duplicates of it. You can also stay stress-free from any stealing or snatching.


Today's digital locks are designed to last for a long time. They are high-quality, durable, and sturdy, with an efficiency to withstand any force and pressure. Besides that, they can work in any environmental or climatic conditions. Whether it's dry summer, humid, or winter, the robust structure of the door lock can combat it all!

This also adds up to its cost-efficiency, as you wouldn't have to replace the locks quite often. Although a little maintenance and care are required (just like any electronic device), digital locks can last for years depending on brand and quality.

Other Features

In addition to the above reasons, digital locks are also popular for their benefits like ease of installation and access. They also offer features like auto-opening and closing, customisable alarm, and limited authority access control. Some of the digital locks are also programmable, which means you can adjust who can enter your home, and when and for how long they can access it.


To sum up, these were the reasons why you should invest in a good digital lock for your home. Digital or electronic locks work through an efficient working mechanism that locks the door if any unauthorised person tries to open it. This means they are a must-addition to keep burglary, breakthroughs, and crime at bay.

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