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Complete Guide to Best Epilators - Do’s and Don’ts

Complete Guide to Best Epilators - Do’s and Don’ts

Removing unwanted hair is not enjoyable, so the less we have to do it, the better it is. There are different ways to remove body hair, like tweezing, waxing, plucking, and shaving. Though these techniques can eliminate body hair, their results cannot be what you desire. If you want something different and effective, the epilator is what you should use.

Epilator is an electrical device specially designed to remove unwanted body hair from roots. It further has two options: you can either use it on dry skin or in a shower and bath. Though using an epilator for the first time is a bit uncomfortable, you may experience less discomfort or pain with time. Moreover, it offers you around four weeks of hair-free skin.

If you are planning to purchase one, below are some best epilators you can buy from different e-commerce sites:

Philips Series 8000 Wet and Dry BRE740/11 Epilator

It is a cordless epilator that comes with five accessories: optimal contact cap, comb, delicate area cap, shaving head, and pouch. With a full charge, you can use it for around 90 minutes. In addition, you can find the instruction booklet with it to learn which direction to use based on the area of unwanted hair.

This epilator has a wide, curved head and long handle, with inbuilt light. It helps to remove many hairs easily from curved areas. Its 48,200 bristle body exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hairs. You can use its rotating-disc foot file flat or edge-on to manage hard skin. 

It includes a comb to trim longer hair before it starts epilating. Moreover, by trimming hair first, hair removal becomes less painful. It has a clever contact cap that gently stretches your skin. Therefore you don’t need to press your skin with your other hand. It is cordless and has 32 tweezers. You can use it on dry and wet skin and achieve good results. Its two-speed options allow you to use it at your convenience.

Remington Smooth & Silky EP7 7-in-1 Epilator

It has seven head attachments: massage cap with aloe vera, detail cap, ultimate contour cap, exfoliating brush, bikini comb, shaver head, and pedicure head. These ranges of heads tackle everything from the rough skin on your feet to the bikini line. It can effectively remove unwanted hair and reduce regrowth after just four weeks.

It is a cordless and easy-to-use device that lives up to its claims and does not cause skin irritation. You can use it shower and also on dry skin. You can use this epilator for around 40 minutes with a single charge. Its chunky handle allows you to grasp it easily, even in a tub of bubbles. With its precision light, you can ensure that no patch is left.

Braun Silk-Epil 5-820 Epilator

This epilator is highly recommendable for beginner use. It has 28 inbuilt tweezers that allow you to give a thorough result. It also has a high-frequency massage cap that lessens painful sensations through vibrations and gives you a pleasant experience. Its pivoting head makes catching hairs even in difficult-to-reach places.

It has seven attachments, including a facial cap. This cap turns it into a facial epilator with a single click to minimise discomfort. In addition, its efficiency cap easily catches tiny hairs, which other epilators struggle to remove. All in all, this epilator is a great option and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Panasonic ES-ED93 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator

This Panasonic epilator has six different attachments, making it the most suitable tool for body hair removal and exfoliation. Its 48 tweezers and two hair removal discs help to remove hair effectively and ensure a long-lasting result on the skin. These two hair removal discs also work to avoid skin contact and provide less pain or cuts and abrasions.

No!No! Excellence Cordless Epilator

It is a cordless epilator from No! No! with 21 tweezers. It comes with a curved head that contours to the shape of your body. You can use it to remove unwanted hair from legs, armpits, bikini lines, or face and achieve super smooth and long-lasting results. You will get a complete package of epilators with charging USB and a handy storage stand. You can enjoy this tool for 35 minutes with a single 8-hour charge.

Do’s and Don’t While Buying an Epilator.

If you are planning to purchase an epilator, these are some things you should look for:

  • Look for tweezer-style epilators. Usually, new models come in this style. They use tiny tweezer-like plates that grab tiny hairs easily and give you smooth skin.
  • Buy an epilator with maximum tweezers to get better results.
  • Check for speed settings on the package. Buy one with a speed settings option to control the tool at your convenience.
  • Look for a model with a built-in lighting option. It can help you to locate small patches easily.
  • Prefer cordless models over corded ones. They allow you to use the device freely.
  • Look for water-safe options for longevity.

 If you are considering buying an epilator, avoid the following things:

  • Avoid old models of electric spring epilators that use a twisting spring coil to catch hair. They are less durable.
  • Avoid buying rotating disc epilators that use multiple smaller rotating springs. They have many moving parts, which can break easily.

Final Words

There are various hair removal techniques, but epilation is considerably superior. It gives you the freedom of unwanted hair for a long time and is an effective and safe option. You can look for a list of the best epilators mentioned above and get smooth, hair-free skin.

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