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Everything You Need to Know About Amazfit Bip U Pro

Everything You Need to Know About Amazfit Bip U Pro

Everything You Need to Know About Amazfit Bip U Pro

After a long lockdown, virtual healthcare continues to rise rapidly. Smartwatches and other gadgets that track your health will play a crucial role in the growth of virtual healthcare. Moreover, if devices can tell clearly about vital signs or health markers, they can reduce your frequency of hospital visits.

Amazfit Bip U Pro comes with different fitness-focused features at a reasonable price that helps you monitor your health. It also has Alexa voice support, a compass, and GPS. Combined with heart rate monitors and onboard blood oxygen, it can track around 60 activities, including skipping, running, etc. Moreover, it will keep you updated on your baseline markers by measuring stress, heart rate, sleep, etc.

You can purchase Amazfit Bip U Pro from e-commerce sites at affordable prices or get them from local stores. Besides its fitness tracker functions, experience other smartwatch features such as music controls and alert notifications. Let us know more.


The Amazfit Bip U Pro display looks larger due to the large bezels around it. The bottom bezel is thick, and a crown on the right side acts as a navigation button. It is Huami’s most basic smartwatch, so there is no metal or fancy material. Instead, its casing has polycarbonate, and the straps are cheap silicone materials.

Its overall design may resemble the Apple Watch as it has a square display, but the build quality is basic. In addition, it is lightweight and best for those who don’t like a lot of bulk around the wrist.

Key Features of Amazfit Bip U Pro  

The Amazfit Bip U Pro’s detailed health monitoring made it stand apart from other budget fitness trackers. It can monitor the 24/7 heart rate and measure blood oxygen, stress, breathing, sleep, and menstrual cycles. If you talk about exercise, it can track above 60 different activities, from cycling to badminton, with a GPS mapping the routes.

It also offers various smartwatch features, like smartphone notifications, built-in Alexa, and music control. In addition, it can download music directly so that you can listen to it offline.

  • Health Monitoring

The Amazfit Bip Pro U delivers one measure that matters most. It is not blood oxygen levels or heart rate monitored by the BioTracker 2 PPG optical sensor. It is also not your steps taken or calories burned. Infact, the most motivating thing is PAI or Personal Activity Intelligence.

The PAI score felt like the most comprehensive health marker based on your daily activity intensity and heart rate. It also adjusts according to your health, relying on the seven days of data to set the activity level necessary to reach a maximum score. In addition, the Amazfit smartwatch can track your sleep in detail, from the moment you passed out to when your 3-year-old crawled into bed every morning.

It even notes when you wake up to change your kid’s diaper. With all this data, the Zepp app generated a colour-coded chart telling you when you were in light sleep, awake, or deep sleep. In addition, it regularly measures stress, oxygen, and breathing.

  • Fitness Tracker

Amazfit Bip U Pro can track it regardless of which exercises you perform. In addition, it has 60 sports modes which is indeed an impressive feature. This smartwatch can track your exercise time, calories burned, and average heart rate for every workout. But, for activities like weightlifting, that is all it gives you.

It provides unique data for other activities. For instance, it can review your total strokes and average stroke rates once you perform rowing. And while running or cycling, its GPS maps your routes, and the accelerometer tracks your moderate pace.

  • Connectivity

When you pair Amazfit Bip Pro U with your iOS or Android phone, it can buzz every incoming call or app notification. For example, while jogging, you will find it helpful who is calling by checking your wrist. It also has a microphone for Alexa, but you can not use it for calling. Instead, you can swipe to the Alexa screen and ask your questions. The answer will automatically appear on your watch’s screen.

UI and App Experience

It has a well-thought-out user interface that is extremely intuitive and customisable. For example, raise your wrist and see the watch screen pop up. Then, swipe left and right from the watch to go through commonly used features like music controls, Alexa, weather, etc. A Swipe down provides you with smartphone notifications.

You can tap the crown for the features list. Then, hold it to enter the workout mode and use the touchscreen to confirm selections. You can keep its look and feel fresh using the dozen watch faces inside it, and the rest you can sync through the Zepp app.

Battery Life

Amazfit can last almost nine days with typical usage and around five days with heavy use. It has a 230mAh battery unit similar to the predecessor Bip U. When you fully charge it, it can work for 5days with notifications from different apps. The usage also includes daily 15 minutes workout and a bit of walking with 75% set brightness and heart rate and enabled sleep tracking. 

Battery recharging is a simple process. The Bip U Pro can get magnetically attached to the back of the charging cable. The clip fits properly to the back and won’t fall. It can go from 0 to 100% in almost two hours.

Final Thoughts

If you want affordable fitness trackers with good battery life and unique features, then Amazfit is best for you. In addition, it has Alexa support and GPS, which makes it a more competitive option than others.


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