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Fitness Band Buying Guide 2022

Fitness Band Buying Guide 2022

Fitness Band Buying Guide 2022


"The best investment you can ever make is in your health". A beginner or a fitness enthusiast, the right fitness band will only motivate you to achieve your goals strictly. Moreover, the fitness bands are brilliant as they notify the person of all the physical activities and display phone notifications. 

The technology of fitness bands is evolving at an accelerated pace. So, with so many competitive brands around, the common question is which one is the best? Luckily, the article narrows down some key points you should consider before buying a fitness band in 2022. So, let's have a look.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Fitness Band in 2022

The most vital factors you should consider before investing in any fitness band are:

#1 Buying Purpose

The motto for buying fitness bands is an excellent factor for narrowing down your choices. For example, if you're looking for a daily step count, you can go for basic fitness bands. But, on the contrary, if you want to explore cardio, swimming, running, some high-end watches help you monitor complicated workouts. So, decide your purpose and future goals before shortlisting the fitness band.

#2 Consider Your Budget

Brands like Xiaomi MI and Fitbit offer budget fitness bands with essential features for beginners. However, if you're looking for a full-time accurate multi-sports record, you can opt for high-end fitness bands of brands Samsung or Apple. However, all the popular brands have impressive budget ranges.

#3 Comfort of Fitness Band

You will wear fitness bands all day long. So, consider the factors like weight, strap material, size for a comfortable feeling. A heavy band with irritating material may feel like a burden. Check the band's material and capsule size if it suits you or not.

#4 Display

The display is an integral part of a fitness tracker. So far, a bright AMOLED display is quite good. The things to consider are:

  • It should allow you to view the screen under extreme sunlight. There must be a brightness adjustment feature.
  • The icons must be accessible and should display data in numbers or characters.
  • Consider the size of the screen.

#5 Battery Life

One doesn't want to end up charging their fitness tracker every night. Fitness bands generally have a long battery life due to their small display. Some have 6 to 7 days, while others have 15 to 20 days battery life. Samsung galaxy tops as it has around 21 days of battery backup. 

#6 Water Resistance

For a complete record of your activities, you have to wear the band all day long. So, opt for a water and sweat resistant fitness band. Then, you can take it to shower and track water sports activities. In addition, the swimmers must opt for 10 ATM/100 Metres that are Splash/rain resistant, which is fine for showering and swimming. 

#7 Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is an appealing characteristic of fitness bands. The LED sensors in-band evaluate your blood flow in veins. But for accurate results, you should check for:

  • 24*7 heart rate monitoring sensors.
  • If you're looking for complete heart rate monitoring, go for a band with VO2 max, cardio score, and stress levels. 

#8 Number of Activities and Data it can Record

The record and number of activities fitness bands can record are crucial. For example, suppose you're looking for strength training, running, cycling, etc. Various brands have specific categories. You have to turn on and off the particular activity option. It will record all your data and calories according to the movement.

#9 Quality of GPS

Some fitness bands have in-built GPS chips, while others use smartphone GPS for tracking real-time activity. According to the type of activity, you must consider the GPS style. The built-in GPS fitness band does not require a phone, while others need a phone in proximity. 

#10 Sleep Data Record

The sleep tracking feature is prevalent, and the band evaluates your heart rate and movements during the night. So, bands with the best sensors are good. Also, some bands want you to press the button before going to bed. Finally, some brands give a detailed graph of sleep behaviour and compare it with other band users. 

#11 Notification Features

The fine line between smartwatches and fitness bands have decreased due to this feature. The fitness bands have alarms and stopwatches. Along with it, you also get call and message notifications. So, check what all you're expecting from your fitness band.

Benefits of Fitness Band

Some of the unmatchable benefits are:

  • It helps you set goals according to your fitness status.
  • It gives you the motivation to stay fit.
  • Notification features let users always stay connected.
  • Boosts healthy sleeping.
  • Health tracking through heart rate monitoring features are beneficial.
  • Women can track their menstrual cycles by pinning their cycles. 

Popular Brands for Fitness Bands

Fitness trackers are available in all ranges for fundamental to advanced users. Some of the best brands are.

  • Fitbit - FitBit inspire, Fitbit versa is very user friendly and have 24*7 heart rate monitoring with all features. They are the most wearable brand.
  • MI - They have a very affordable range that covers all the features. The battery life and connectivity is simply amazing.
  • Garmin - They have in-built GPS and very few display smartphone notifications. They are designed specifically for activity records.
  • Samsung - The Samsung galaxy brand is ruling because of its exceptional battery life and user-friendliness.

Why Should I buy a Fitness Band when I Have Activity Tracker Apps on my Phone?

First, the fitness tracker bands have higher accuracy and are constantly with you. On the other hand, apps merely evaluate the data according to your Phone's movement. So the results are false and give an estimate. Also, you won't get calorie, heart rate and sleep data in mobile apps.

What is the Difference Between a Fitness Band and a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is simply an extension of your smartphone. Along with all activity-tracking features, it has a built-in mic and Bluetooth, advanced notifications, and you can perform many cellular operations. Unfortunately, the screen size is more extensive, and it's a little bulky. The perfect example is the Apple watch which has all these features. 

The fitness band is sleek and has an essential notification system. Their battery life is more due to the small screen and more minor functions. It's designed primarily for activity tracking.

Bottom Line

So, now you can easily make out and narrow down your choices according to the factors mentioned above. Having a fitness band has all the benefits but choose what's best for you. So, explore all the brands and check features and reviews for a good buy.

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