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Guide to Select the Best Football

Guide to Select the Best Football

Guide to Select the Best Football

If you're into football, you may know the importance of football in the game. Well, it's just not a ball, as wrong football can decrease your performance drastically. A novice or a football enthusiast, the ultimate guide to select the best football is here. The knowledge of picking the right football every time will improve your performance and boost you for more hard work. So, let's look at the guide to select the best football.

Decoding the Correct Size of the Football

Yes, there are various sizes, and it significantly affects the player's performance. For example, you can't easily dribble and pass a kids size football if you're an adult. Also, providing correct sizes to children is necessary for improving their skills. If you're buying the football for yourself or anyone, follow the FIFA quality and rules football for each age group. The sizes are;

Size 1: These are called Mini footballs, especially for up to age 4.

Size 2: These are called Midi footballs. Size 2 is for age groups 3 to 6. Also, if someone is just new to football, this size can be helpful.

Size 3: It's for the age group ranging from 6 years to 10 years. It's one of the most common sizes, which helps to improve skills.

Size 4: The dimensions of the ball is crucial before buying. The weight for size 4 can be between 350g -390g, with 63.5cm - 66cm circumference. It's for age groups ranging from 11 to 13.

Size 5: It's for players who are 14 +. The ball's weight should be 410g -450g, with a circumference of 68cm - 70cm.

Choosing the Material of Your Football

Footballs are now available in various materials and can significantly affect your play. So, before buying the football, check out all the materials:

Training Footballs

Training footballs are suitable for poor quality pitches and grounds. The design brings consistency, durability and needs very little maintenance. They are typically TPU and PVC football. The TPU has soft foam and boosts the player's skill. The PVC one is excellent for uneven pitches and sand-based grounds.

Match Footballs

It can be an official match ball as the material is high-quality PU. It can be more pricey than others and has the highest level of playability. It's ideal for match day performance, and it's the most common option.

Vulcanised Rubber Footballs

Vulcanised Rubber Footballs are the most rigid and toughest type of football. Therefore, it is suitable for tough, concrete ground and football training. However, it's so solid and robust that it may take time to adapt to this type of football. Hence, it decreases performance a bit initially.

Selecting the Right Bladder for Your Football

The bladder provides the football with an appropriate amount of bounce. In simple words,  a bladder determines the football's real value. So, while picking up the football, always inquire about the bladder. So, various types of bladders used in different materials of football are:

Match Balls 

The official match ball uses latex bladders. The advantage of latex bladders is that it helps to give the best performance. Also, the rebound properties are best as the bounce is good and aids in the game. The cons of the latex bladder are that it has pores, so you've to inflate it regularly. If you fail to do so, it will decrease your performance.

Training Balls

Training balls majorly have reinforced synthetic or rubber bladders. It's good as the air retention of the ball is better, so you've to inflate it rarely. The ball shape and size due to the reinforced synthetic rubber bladder is really good and firm. 

Various Types of Stitching in Footballs

The stitching of the football is indeed important and affects your play drastically. So, go through various types of stitches for a smart buy:

Hand Stitching

It's one of the oldest methods of stitching, and the effort makes it a little costly. The hand stitches give much deeper seams and push the ball aerodynamically stable. These stretches also impart great power to the ball, as the process puts the ball under great tension.

Machine Stitching

Machine-stitching is very quick and economical. Although it's good, the life of stitches is a little less. It means you have to change the football after a set usage. The stitches open as they are shallow. Also, its use is most common in football training.

Joining Method

This new method involves experts who join the panel with stitching and then welding them together. It's regular and quite playable football. This method is gaining popularity as its performance and price are good.

Bonus Tips

Playing football can be a dream for you, or you may be already practising it. So, don't let a wrong football affect your passion for football. Instead, research the crucial points and buy the perfect ball appropriate for your age and purpose. Then, check some best footballs and check if they match the above guide. 


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