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Tips to Choose Patio Furniture for Your Outdoors

Tips to Choose Patio Furniture for Your Outdoors

Tips to Choose Patio Furniture for Your Outdoors


When the bright sun is shining outside, avoid spending time inside the home. Instead, you can soak in the heat or dine in the outdoor space. An outdoor area extends an indoor space, so we decorate it as a room. You can set up the inviting lounging similar to a well-decorated living room with the right patio furniture.

It means collecting furniture items is much more than picking pieces from an e-commerce website or a store. But, first, prepare a proper plan about how you will use the space and maintain it with time. Thoughtful planning will allow you to make the outdoor area your favourite spot for dining, lounging, and entertaining. Then, use the tips mentioned below to choose the best patio furniture for the space:

Consider the Weather

Is the weather in your area hot or dry? Do you reside near the coast? It would be beneficial to answer some important questions before choosing the furniture because outdoor exposure is hard on them. Dry and hot conditions can make wooden furniture crack and splinter, whereas moisture can promote the rot.

Strong winds can make aluminium furniture fly, but iron will not blow away or stand up to salty air. Sun is worst of all as it dulls the paint, bleaches wood and fabric, and degrades synthetic and plastic materials. So, be careful about the materials and choose furniture items that will last the most. For instance, metal is mostly unaffected by the sunlight.

Measure the Outdoor Space

First, find out how much space you have and check its shape. Is it a narrow balcony or a wide deck? Similar to furnishing a living room, use the outdoor area to determine the patio furniture size and possible groupings it will fit. Most probably, ensure that you leave enough space around patio furniture to move around comfortably.

Bar tables are narrower, and stools occupy less space than regular chairs. So, a bar table can work better than a dining set for a small patio space. You can also consider café or lounge chairs with a smaller profile.

Before heading for the furniture shopping, create a draft of the outdoor area, measure its dimensions and note them on the drawing. Take drawing and measurement tape to the store and check all the dimensions while choosing the furniture items. It should not be too small or too big for the outdoor space.

List Patio Furniture Items

First, think carefully about how you want your outdoor area to function. For example, do you like your space to serve as a dining area on summer nights? Or do you want to host any party, or do you envision a peaceful reading nook? Then, create a list of all the activities you want to do in the outdoor space and use it to find what type of patio furniture items are necessary.

Try Patio Furniture Before You Purchase Them

While shopping for sofas or patio chairs, try a seat before purchasing it. You will use them regularly, especially during warm months, so have comfortable seating. Also, you and visitors will enjoy less if the patio furniture is uninviting. Find furniture pieces with cushions on backs and seats or cosy wooden or metal items with fluffy pillows for maximum comfort.

Opt for Easy-Care Patio Furniture

Look for easy-care patio furniture items to minimise maintenance needs. Most teak, metal, cedar, and all-weather woven pieces are cool by whatever nature passes their way. With some cleaning, furniture made of these materials will look great for years. Moreover, you can accessorise patio furniture with pillows and cushions with removable covers to easily toss in the washing machine.

Provide Proper Storage Space

Have room to store the patio furniture in winters or rain, or atleast to store cushions, pillows, or other fabric items. Sometimes, furniture covers are not enough to protect, especially woven materials. So either create a storage space for the furniture items or purchase something that you can keep outside in winter. If you have a shortage of space, consider patio furniture that folds.

Integrate the Furniture

It is good to consider your outdoor space as an oasis of calm in the troublesome world. But it is not somewhere in the desert; infact, it is on your property. You might think that the bright orange lounger with smileys looks adorable. But make sure it will not clash with the rest of the exteriors. Indeed, patio furnishings should be carefree and fun. But if you spent a lot to improve the curb’s appeal, do not spoil the effect with a seasonal accent piece.

Bonus Tips

At last, the budget determines what you can purchase. So, it is wise to buy quality items that you can afford and can last more. If you are economising, there are several options to ensure that you get high quality for your investments.

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